Las Vegas’ Horror Filmmaker Drew Marvick’s ‘Overkill’ Now Streaming

Marvick’s ‘Overkill’ is part of ‘10/31 Part II’ anthology series

By Josh Bell

It wouldn’t be an understatement to call Drew Marvick Las Vegas’ kingpin of horror. Marvick is a ubiquitous presence at horror events and in low-budget horror movies, both in Vegas and elsewhere. In addition to co-founding Sin City Horror Fest (which has its fifth edition scheduled for October 6-10), he wrote and directed the 2017 tongue-in-cheek slasher movie “Pool Party Massacre,” which remains a favorite among indie horror fans. At any given time, he has multiple horror projects in the works.

Marvick’s latest project is the segment “Overkill” in the Halloween-themed horror anthology “10/31 Part II.” The brainchild of horror aficionado and former Evanescence drummer Rocky Gray, the “10/31” movies are collections of short films from various up-and-coming indie horror filmmakers, all taking place on Halloween. The first installment came out in 2017, and the second was released on VOD and streaming this past week, following a physical release on DVD, Blu-ray and, yes, VHS.

“It was a no-brainer for me,” Marvick says of agreeing to contribute to the latest “10/31.” Gray gave him some basic parameters (an amount of time to fill, the Halloween setting) and let him loose. The result is a comedic story about multiple horror-movie villains competing to take out the same victim. “I love the idea that there were so many of these movie-trope killers that existed that sometimes they overlap and essentially are double-booked and show up for the same victim, especially when it’s a prime victim like a babysitter,” Marvick says. “I’d wanted to do it for a while. I made some adjustments so that it would fit here, and then ran with it.”

The cast includes Marvick’s son Degan as one of the potential killers, and Marvick himself shows up briefly as an evil clown who’s late to the murder party. “It’s a pain in the butt working with him, because he’s my son, and we already have a parent-child relationship, which is very different than a director-talent relationship,” Marvick jokes about casting Degan, whose acting efforts have started to expand beyond his father’s projects. “I love my son, and I think that when he puts his mind to it and tries, he’s actually really, really good.”

For Marvick, the entire filmmaking process is about having a good time with people he wants to hang out with. “I took the task seriously, and I delivered something that I thought was entertaining,” he says, “but it was also a chance for me to work with my friends and my son and make something ridiculous.” 

He carries that ethos into all of his forthcoming projects, which include a planned sequel to “Pool Party Massacre,” a feature film for the Lucky Sevens Film Challenge created by local actor and producer Ben Stobber, the completion of the final film by late B-movie icon Ted V. Mikels, and Marvick’s own horror anthology “The 12 Deaths of Christmas,” featuring segments by various local filmmakers and aiming for a release this Christmas. There’s no rest for the Vegas kingpin of horror.

“10/31 Part II” is streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi, available for VOD rental from all major digital outlets, and available on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS from Scream Team Releasing.

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