Eight Is The Perfect Ten of Cigar Bars

Jethro Tull sang it best, “A small cigar can change the world.” He’s not wrong. Cigars of all sizes were savored last night Eight. The space was robust with the sweet and heavy aromas of freaking great cigars and some heavy hitting celebrities for the opening night party.

Photo Courtesy of Toni Gonzales


Eight is owned by entrepreneur Giuseppe Bravo and attorney David Chefnoff. Together the two conceptualized the 7,000 square foot space, with both indoor and outdoor areas, located in the newly opened Resorts World. What you likely have pictured in your head as the quintessential cigar bar, trust that this blows your imagination to bits.

Eight Cigar Lounge owner Giuseppe Bravo and his attorney David Chefnoff /Getty Images Courtesy of Denise Truscello, WireImage

Inside there are dimly lit spaces and corners with plushly upholstered dark seating perfect for partaking in the stogie of  your choice. Chandeliers dimly lit set an ambiance and make the perfect background for streams of smoke to drift across. For the companion whisky or spirit there is a bar inside to quench whatever thirst you may have.

Photo Courtesy of Toni Gonzales

Located at the front of Eight in an adjacent room to the main area is a humidor. This custom-built space houses personal lockers for the exclusive clientele. At present it holds cigars for basketball great Micheal Jordan, hockey icon Wayne Gretsky and country star Luke Bryan. Word from several circles last night is that the cost of a personal locker is $5000 a year. 


Mike Tyson /Getty Images Courtesy of Denise Truscello, WireImage

There were almost as many stars at the week-long grand opening as there were varieties of cigars. Baseball star and MLB analyst Alex Rodriguez,  legendary boxer Mike Tyson, NBA’s Charles Oakley, soccer star Cobi Jones and professional boxer Ryan Garcia. These pro athletes joined “The Walking Dead” actor Michael Cudlitz and Poker Player Dan Bilzerian. 


It would be well within a newbies rights to feel intimidated at Eight. Don’t be. The aficionados and cigar experts are there for ya. Ask one or 100 questions, it’s all good. The goal is to find a cigar that matches you personally. And trust me, they know what they are doing. Based on their help, many were converted to the religion of cigar last night, yours truly included. Lighter stogies with hints of vanilla and mocha to cigars bold and heavy are there for your consumption, and everything in between.

Expect to pay as little as the cost of a pizza to the price of a mortgage as prices range from $18 to $1500 each. There are even cigar accessories to complete your already existing collection. Mini humidors laced with mother of pearl or traditional looking cigar boxes will fit into anyone’s collection. 


Eight truly is a spot that every cigar expert should experience. Heck, if you’re even a little interested or slightly curious about a cigar bar, check it out. Judging from the looks of last night’s turnout and the blissful faces, you won’t be disappointed. Jethrol Tull was right, a cigar can change the world; it certainly changed Las Vegas. It’s open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Go for quiet contemplation inside, or a Vegas party atmosphere outside. To make reservations or get more info, check out their website at eightloungelv.com

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