Garth Brooks Teases Another Las Vegas Residency

Brooks said he would do another Vegas residency 'in a heartbeat' on Facebook Live

Is country superstar Garth Brooks headed for a Las Vegas residency again? Well, let’s just say that the talk of it ‘ain’t goin’ down’ til the sun comes up. In his weekly Facebook Live series called “Inside Studio G” this week Garth said he would do another Vegas residency “in a heartbeat.” Cue the thunderous applause here. 

But, just like most of the country songs he sings, there are some obstacles he has to overcome. Cue the ‘wa wa wa’ sound effect here. Professionally speaking, Garth has this little bitty obligation called the Stadium Tour. The multi-city commitment will take him through the summer of 2022. 

On a personal level, Garth has to consider his family. Most notably wife Trisha Yearwood. There has been recent talk that Yearwood herself has her sights set on the bright lights of New York City, rather than the lights of the Strip. “Try to remember, I’m also married to someone who’s ten times more talented than me that wants to maybe take a look at Broadway, do some of this other stuff too.” That may be the one and only time Las Vegas fans would say ‘boo’ to Broadway. 

In his “Inside Studio G” talk on Monday, Garth said, “What would be fun would be to somehow do a residency in Vegas and in Nashville, because they got great places to play here.” Clearly Garth remains hopeful adding, “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

What we need to figure out is, what is with all this competition for Vegas? First New York with Trisha, and Nashville with Garth. It’s almost as if Garth has amnesia, which he possibly can’t. The multiple Grammy winner has experience with a Las Vegas residency. Brooks once held the title of Las Vegas headliner with shows at the Encore inside the Wynn from 2009-2014.

Could the Wynn see a return of the country crooner? Our guess is if Garth is coming back it would be to the Colosseum at Caesars. If one listens to rumors (and let’s face it, who doesn’t) Caesars is likely to get both a Garth Brooks residency and an Adele residency (gasp). Though, for clarity, no such announcements on either have been made official. 

That is a far cry from the first and last time Garth played Vegas. The first time was for a five night stand in 1991 at the Desert Inn. The last time was just this last summer when he was the first big concert ever to play at the newly built Allegiant Stadium. You may remember that is the same show that sold out quicker than quick and was unfortunately postponed from its original date due to the pandemic. 

In the meantime we wait. And while you are waiting, you may want to see the entire episode of “Inside Studio G.” If so, watch it on Facebook.

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