Governor Sisolak Issues New Guidelines for Large Gatherings

Governor Steve Sisolak says large venues can drop the mask mandate if all attendees are fully vaccinated.

By Toni Gonzales

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has issued new guidelines for large gatherings in the state giving event operators more flexibility with attendees. Las Vegas has seen an uptick in bigger crowds in the last couple of weeks with the first in-person preseason game at Allegiant Stadium this last weekend, not to mention a  few concerts already in the books. 

The trend is only going to continue upwards with more shows and more acts coming to Las Vegas. Case and point, two new residencies were announced just this morning (KISS, and Journey).

After speaking with public health officials and event operators a new option for those putting on big shows is now available. But, it puts the onus on those who are holding the event.  First, the option to keep the current mask mandate in place in the areas with high transmission rates is still there. The second option is a bit more complicated and nuanced. Here is what you need to know. 


Should an event decide to go with option two there are several components that must be adhered to. The operators of large events will need to require proof of vaccination for all those in attendance. If an attendee is fully vaccinated then masks are allowed to be removed. Partially vaccinated attendees and kids who are not yet eligible for the vaccine are not shut out. Instead, they will be allowed to attend, but must remain masked. 


A large event is considered qualified for the exception if it is indoors, has fixed seating of 4,000 or more, and requires a ticket or registration. It is the responsibility of the event operator to implement a method of verifying the status and authenticity of an attendees vaccination status, and to ensure there is enough trained staff on hand to streamline this process. They must also implement a system in which fully vaccinated attendees and partially vaccinated attendees can be distinguished apart from one another. Those who are not vaccinated cannot attend, period under this exception.

While this gives events the flexibility to allow for partially vaccinated individuals to enjoy the event, it also means that operators have the power to have fully vaccinated attendees only, and to do so maskless. Or, they have the option to make stronger requirements, “As has been the case since the start of the pandemic, a private entity or local government can always implement stronger mitigation strategies,” said Governor Sisolak.

If event operators opt in, here are some FAQ’s. 

Q: Can I go to a large event?

A: Fully vaccinated: Yes, and you can remove your mask.

Partially vaccinated and/or small child not eligible for vaccine: Yes, you can attend but you must remain masked.

Q: What qualifies for an exception as a large event?

A: Any indoor venue that has a fixed seating of 4,000 or more.

This includes: Allegiant Stadium, T-Mobile Arena, Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood, Park Theater inside the Park MGM, and The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, to name a few.

Events must require tickets or registration.

Q: Can events have stronger rules in place?

A: Yes, the event has the option to be more stringent.

More details on this will be released later. In the meantime the Governor reminds everyone it’s now easier than ever to get vaccinated. Visit for more information on where to get your FREE covid vaccine. 

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