How Mt. Charleston Lodge Owners Are Moving Forward After Devastating Fire

Cabins will reopen to guests on September 24

By Jason R. Latham | Las Vegas, NV

The September 17 fire that destroyed the Mt. Charleston Lodge has not only left Las Vegans without a popular getaway destination, it’s also left ownership scrambling to find new jobs for its employees, reschedule or move canceled events, and accommodate guests at the Lodge’s overnight cabins. 

On Wednesday, the Ellis family, which owns the Lodge as well as the Ellis Island hotel-casino and Village Pub restaurant chain, released an outline of their plan to move forward in the wake of the fire. Priority No. 1, the family says, will be retaining and reassigning the 53 Lodge employees to those other properties. There are 13 Village Pubs in Southern Nevada, the closest one to Mt. Charleston being the Desert Shores location. 

Meanwhile, the cabins will reopen to guests on September 24. Despite losing the Lodge kitchen in the fire, guests will still receive a continental breakfast and in-room wine and cheese “happy hour experience,” the family says. 

Rescheduling events at the Lodge may prove to be one of more difficult challenges, as wedding planners and others are now forced to find alternate locations. Deposits are being returned, the family says, and those that are able to move their events to a Village Pub or Ellis Island will be accommodated. 

The Fire Department traced the origins of the fire from a storage area, and authorities have stated that it was not intentionally set. Originally built in the early 1900s, the building has already burned down once, in 1961, and was rebuilt and reopened five years later. The Ellis family purchased the Lodge in 2018.

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