Jay Leno Helps Launch Livestream on Fireside App From Las Vegas

Jay Leno helps launch new Fireside App from Sin City

SEMA, the Speciality Equipment Market Association, has officially rolled into town and it’s bringing more than trends in automobiles with it. The convention is helping to launch one of the first Fireside chats with TV host Jay Leno.


Fireside is a new app that is fresh to the iOs world (Android coming later). Developed by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi, the app is marketed as the next evolution of storytelling. And it very well may be with the ability to bring viewers well, anywhere.

Podcasts, musicians, comedians and even TV personalities can create content for viewers. They can host chats, events or even entire tv shows. Oh, and they can monetize their content, too. But, don’t think Fireside isn’t gonna take a cut of your creations. The way it is currently set up is Fireside takes 3% from content generators until they make $30,000. After that it’s 15%. 

Creators in turn can host events or chats with audio only, or video and audio. What’s more is that they can then share their content to other platforms including YouTube and Facebook, errr Meta. At the moment, the app is in ‘invite only’ mode. New users can join, but are waitlisted until they are approved. 


Not surprisingly Fireside has attracted Hollywood to the app. And that brings us to Leno in Las Vegas. Leno will host the first event to livestream on the app from right here in Vegas. The car aficionado will broadcast from SEMA today, November 2.

During the chat Leno will do a Q&A with audiences and talk shop. You don’t need an account to watch, just log on to firesidechat.com/jayleno.

“In my 30 years in the business I’ve gotten to feed off the energy from audiences in stand-up shows, in live late-night TV and on the streets of Hollywood,” Leno said in a statement. “On Fireside, I now have the experience of interacting with audiences in new ways from wherever I am.”

Other celebs who will have content on the app are “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin along with the show’s stars Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon. Together they will host “Victory Before the Pod” on Fireside to bring audiences behind the scenes of their “Victory the Podcast.” That is where they recall each episode of “Entourage” for the first time in 10 years. Think of it as the “Entourage” version of the “Fake Doctors, Real Friends” podcast from Zach Braff and Donald Fasion where they relive each episode of “Scrubs.”

Deepak Chopra also has joined Fireside with a show called “Mindful Moments with Deepak.” “We need places that make us feel connected to a community. We need places to be together that bring us joy,” Chopra said in a statement. “With Fireside you’re stepping onto a frontier of infinite possibilities with the potential to elevate our collective consciousness.”

SEMA 411

The gigantic trade show that is SEMA is one of the only places vendors can gather to see the latest in car innovations. There are sessions available for those registered to enhance their automotive skills. And networking opportunities are of course available. Think of SEMA as the medical conventions for car enthusiasts. 

It is running now through November 5. SEMA is by registration only and not open to the public, so don’t go getting in your car just yet. All the information you need on how to register, hours and safety guidelines are available at https://www.semashow.com/

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