9 Amazing Kappa Toys Specials For This Black Friday – #7 Will Surprise You

Prices range from $5 to $30 on a variety of timeless toys

Kappa Toys, a locally-owned toy store, which offers everything from nostalgic collectibles to modern pop culture icons, has Black Friday and Small Business Saturday specials both in-store and online this year.

Statista says that over 108 million people in the U.S. are planning to go shopping on Black Friday this year.

Vegas isn’t short on toy stores, but Kappa Toys aims to put the wow factor in all their toy experiences for all ages. Shoppers who spend $35 dollars or more receive a free Kappa Toys Mystery Bag with up to $25 of spectacular toys. And both online and in-store customers earn double the number of Kappa Toys Tickets on November 26 through November 28. Tickets may be redeemed either in their stores or online for free gifts, gift cards and discounts on future purchases.

Here are nine gifts with price ranges from about $5 to $30 to add to your holiday shopping list.

1. Kawaii Toys

tokidoki ($10 and up) – Calling all Kawaii lovers! tokidoki are adorable characters sold in several forms. Kappa Toys says that they are known for their blind box toys, which means it’s best to buy them now before they fly off the shelves. They also sell cute stationary that is a great gift for a friend or a sweet treat to give yourself.

2. Mozi

Mozi ($13.95) – Think of a slinky, but for your arm; that’s Mozi. This toy spins non-stop as it travels up and down from one arm to the other. The toy is available in two iridescent or two shades of glow-in-the-dark neon. This is an amusing gift designed for all ages.

3. NeeDoh

NeeDoh ($4.95 and up) – NeeDoh is Play-Doh’s cool cousin. The toy is a sensory experience made to marvel people of all ages. To help a pal cope with stress at home or in the office, the Schylling NeeDoh ball is the perfect squishy distraction. 

NeeDoh also aids in promoting focus and attention to help both children and adults decompress.

4. Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps ($29.95 and up) – In 1948, Edward Craven Walker, an English accountant, was inspired to invent this lamp by watching an egg timer in a pub, which consisted of a cocktail shaker filled with alien-like liquid bubbling on a stove top. 

This psychedelic relic is a sensory light fixture sure to add a mesmerizing glow to any room. Although these groovy novelties are sold at both Kappa Toys locations, they recommend visiting their Area15 shop check out their lava lamp wall. Groovy, baby!

5. Glux Super Putty

Glux Super Putty ($8.95) – Less messy than slime, Glux Super Putty is a satisfying gooey putty. Get the glow in the dark, Luminous Super Putty, to watch it illuminate at night.

6. Duncan Yo-Yos

Duncan yo-yos ($6.95 and up) – What does a three leaf clover, walking the dog and a pinwheel have in common? They all are types of yo-yo tricks.

The iconic toy has sparked joy with their timeless Butterfly yo-yo for over 85 years.

7. Smiski, Japanese Surprise Box

Smiski, Japanese surprise box toys ($8.95) – 

This exclusive gem is literally a surprise. The mystery box is a specialty of Kappa Toys, which comes with a cute glowing figurine inside each box. 

Every surprise toy strikes a different pose. Smiski, peculiar little creatures that love hiding in corners, are the most rare.

8. Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma ($12.95 and up) – One of the most popular Kawaii brands from Japan, Rilakkuma, takes over this unique toy store. The character resembles a dangerously cute teddy bear and is offered in plush, stationary and surprise boxes, which all make great holiday gifts. This chill character is the perfect buddy to hang out with this holiday season, all he wants is to share snacks and chill with you.

9. Tangles

Tangles ($6.95 and up) – Twist it, turn it and tug it, Tangles is the OG of fidget toys. This toy is great for hand therapy and comes in the perfect size to be a super cool stocking stuffer. This holiday season buy this gift for yourself or for a friend who would enjoy getting “tangled” up in this plaything. Tangles help self-regulate any added stress that might come at this time of year.

Kappa Toys is located at:

Fashion Show Mall: 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. S. Suite 2479 

Area15: 3215 Rancho Dr.

Hours: Times will vary due to holidays. 

Website: Kappatoys.com

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