Kaskade and Superman Come Together for Limited Edition Apparel Line

Two do-gooders come together for the oddest collab

By Jason R. Latham | Las Vegas, NV

In a way, Superman and Kaskade are both heroes. More than one, in fact. We all know that Superman can fly and leap those tall buildings in a single bound. Kaskade can fly too, like he did when he took a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas Strip a few years back, landing at Caesars Palace to kick off his OMNIA Nightclub residency. 

Superman is also famous for saving people, like that time he saved Lois Lane when her helicopter fell off the side of a building. Or that time he saved Lois Lane when terrorists tried to blow up the Eiffel Tower. Or when he saved Lois Lane after she jumped into a river near Niagara Falls. Or what about when he saved Lois Lane from General Zod in the Fortress of Solitude? 

Kaskade also saves people in his own Fortress of Solitude, only he calls it a DJ booth and he’s really saving people from boredom. He’s saved a lot of people.

Now, these two do-gooders have come together in this week’s oddest collaboration; a line of apparel – tees, hoodies, and hats – and a limited edition Kaskade x Superman comic book from DC Comics. The latter has the Man of Steel flying over a Kaskade rooftop show in Metropolis, a city that’s still on our bucket list of places to see. 

The release dropped Thursday, with a limited pre-sale that runs through September 24. Kaskade will be back in Vegas October 24 for the Electric Daisy Carnival.

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