‘Klimt: The Immersive Experience’ Exhibit Launches at Area15

Double features of the Klimt and Van Gogh experiences are on Fridays

From October 21 until the end of November, “Klimt: The Immersive Experience” brings to life the art of Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, founder of the school of art known as Vienna Secession. Located inside The Portal of Area15, art lovers explore a 360 projected mapped room designed to illuminate guests with immersive art installations. 

His most iconic pieces will be featured in the exhibit including “The Kiss,” “Judith and the Head of Holofernes,” “Beethoven Fireze,” “The Tree of Life” among others. 

In vein with the Van Gogh attraction, VIP tickets to the “Klimt” experience includes a 10-minute virtual reality add-on offering guests a glimpse at “A Day in the Life of the Artist.” This additional bonus allows art connoisseurs to stroll along with the artist through advanced technology to gain a deeper understanding of the inspirations behind his beloved masterpieces. 

“Klimt: The Immersive Experience”

Gustave Klimt, an Austrian Symbolist painter and pioneer of the painting style known as Vienna Secession, opened a studio dedicated to mural paintings in 1883 following his studies at the Vienna School of Decorative Arts, says Britannica. 

From the looks of his artwork, his techniques and creativity channeled vibrant patterns that embody his “Golden Period,” when his art glittered in scintillating hues from gold leaves detailing them like in his “Tree of Life” piece and “The Kiss,” which is arguably his most popular painting. 

As a pioneer of painting symbolism, it’s a disservice only to mention the visual qualities of his famous paintings and not at least touch base on their deeper and controversial histories.

While the woman’s eyes in the painting of “The Kiss” are closed, appearing to show her in the midst of a blissful, intimate moment, there are plenty of reasons his works were considered scandalous, even this 72 inch by 72 inch affectionate masterpiece. 

Firstly, most of Klimt’s artwork was of women; however, this particular piece features an obscured male figure. Some theorize that it may even be an inspiration born of a real life love affair that is a representation of him and his lover at the time. 

Secondly, before this piece most of his works were called “pornographic” in the early 1900s because he depicted nude women with generous detail. He even received criticism for “The Kiss,” although both figures are fully covered in robes. However, it looks like the art featured at this exhibit is tasteful and contrasting to this outdated criticism.

Finally, the gold leaf he integrated into his art was seen as “sacrilegious” at that time. Because that kind of accent was usually only celebrated in religious art. His sensual paintings paired with the sacred gold leaf adorning churches gave him a “bad reputation.” His so-called erotic paintings at one point in time were not as highly praised as they are by modern artists and art aficionados. 

The Exhibition Hub presents an art installation reviving these treasured artworks through stunning digital technology that honors the art while channeling it through modern means.

What is Exhibition Hub?

From the minds of Exhibition Hub, a company that curates, produces and distributes exhibits all around the world, this new digital showcase highlights intriguing works of art by Klimt just like the Van Gogh experience.

Guests seeking to marvel at the new visually engaging art display, “Klimt:The Immersive Experience,” may take in the view every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, during the show’s dates. 

For those who want to experience the Van Gogh art installation, guests may enjoy this stimulating showcase every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

But for the art admirer looking to be swept away by both on the same day, double features will be available on Fridays beginning at 12 p.m. 

The Deets

What: “Klimt: The Immersive Experience”

Where: The Portal in Area15

When: Starting on October 21 and running through the end of November

Cost: Tickets start at $35, but Nevada Residents with proof of ID can buy passes for $25

Website: https://area15.com/events/klimt-immersive-experience/ 

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