Last of the Pumpkin Drinks and Where to Find Them

From shakes to creamers, here is where you can still get your pumpkin on in the Valley

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The calendar is fixin’ to roll over on November and the last fresh set of days for the year will soon begin. But, before we start counting the calories on the eggnogs drinks and gingerbread candies, lets raise a glass (hot or cold) to our soon to be fallen friend—pumpkin. In fact, pumpkin lovers, let’s all take a cue from our favorite friendly fictional friend Forrest Gump and, “run Forrest, run,” to get the last of the fall flavor while we can. If you are a part of the fake Las Vegas pumpkin fan club, (sorry, the role of President of the club is already taken by yours truly) then I’ve done us all a solid and rounded up the scoop on where we can adore and consume the last of this years pumpkin crop.

Local Love of Pumpkin

Black Tap inside the Venetian is still offering the shake whose entire existence is an ode to pumpkin pie. Behold the “Let’s Give Em’ Something to Pumpkin’ Bout  –  The Pumpkin Cheesecake CrazyShake®.” 

This Pumpkin spice milkshake has a vanilla frosted rim with mini marshmallows. Want more? Well, it’s  topped with a pumpkin cheesecake slice and whipped cream. This magnificent milkshake is almost too perfect to consume, almost. Get it while you can, it’s only available until November 30.

For those that want to balance out their guilt of pumpkin-y goodness with actual feel good goodness hit up Founders Coffee. This month every pumpkin white mocha chai latte will mean one more dollar for Shade Tree of Las Vegas. Each Giving Drink purchased goes to the charity this November. The Founders Coffee Giving drink is available in-store, at the drive-thru, and through delivery. Other drink options are pictured above

For the adult lovers of pumpkin you know that doesn’t just spice up your coffee, it adds to the beer, am I right? Over at Able Baker, there is still some Pumpkin Spices Cream Ale. Their Cream Ale is kissed with  cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, and cloves in order to simulate the flavors of pumpkin pie. With a 5.7 percent alcohol percentage, this brew is lightweight despite its robust flavor. A check on Black Friday reveals there is some left, but not a lot. 

National Novelties, the Good and the Bad

For those of us pumpkin-heads that are partial to the national chains (Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts) there is good news and bad news. The good news is that there is not a concrete date for either chain to end their pumpkin drinks. Yay! 

Now the bad news. When the supply is out, it’s out. Unofficially, most of the time the supply for Starbucks can run well into January. For Dunkin, it’s a little quicker. This of course is dependent on each individual store and does vary from location to location. 

Last but not least, Pumpkin coffee creamers. They are in short supply at grocery stores and retail giants all over the valley. If you can find any, stock up! Or, do your girl a solid and send her a DM. 

Until next year pumpkin… until next year. 

This post is part of Off The Strip’s 30 Days of Christmas series.

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