Liberace Returns to Las Vegas

Liberace once again has a special place at Hilton-owned Resorts World in Las Vegas

By Toni Gonzales

Long before headliners like Elton, JLO, or Britney had Las Vegas residencies, there was Liberace. The world-renowned pianist was one half of the longest and most successful residencies of all time (the other half was Elvis). Both were housed out of the Las Vegas Hilton, owned by Conrad Hilton, and it created one of the most successful partnerships in Las Vegas.

So, it should come as no surprise that when the newly opened Resorts World (with three hotels operated by Hilton) opened earlier this summer there would be a place for Liberace. A pop-up exhibit has been put up in honor of the late Las Vegas legend. Included in the pop up is a piano, original costumes and an automobile. But, like Liberace, these items are grander than life.

Take a look at this original Liberace Rolls Royce. It is on display at Resorts World. This exact car is only one of seven ever made. After some modifications by Liberace, it was the only one like it in the world. You’ve no doubt seen disco balls, well have a look at this mirrored limo. The 1961 Rolls Royce Sedanca Deville town car limousine is covered in mirrored tile. On the inside there is fur in place of carpet, and a shelf with paisley. But, this grand automobile wasn’t seen driving the strip, it was only used to chauffeur Liberace onto the stage of the Las Vegas Hilton.

Also at Resorts World there is a piano gifted to Liberace from Barron Hilton. It was a present to celebrate their mutual success in Vegas. Then no pop-up about Liberace would be complete without a look at some of his most famed costumes. Replica costumes used in the 2013 HBO film Behind the Candelabra starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, are also on display at the pop-up.

To see these in person, or to get more information check out Resorts World website, or the Liberace Foundation website. While checking out the pop-up in person, don’t forget to scan the QR codes for more info on Liberace. Resorts World is located at 3000 South Las Vegas Boulevard. 

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