World Pizza Cup Champ Tony Gemignani Featured In ‘Modernist Pizza Podcast’

Las Vegas’ Pizza Rock Founder helps launch new podcast series

When the World Pizza Cup Champion speaks, people listen. 

That’s why Tony Gemignani, the pizza guru who possesses the title (and is also the brain behind Las Vegas’ Pizza Rock and Green Valley’s Slice House) is among the pizza experts involved in the launch of Modernist Pizza’s new podcast, the appropriately titled “Modernist Pizza Podcast.”

The nine-episode series examines the history of pizza and the innovations that have shaped the careers of Gemignani and other pizza chefs: Muhammad Abdul-Hadi (Down North Pizza), Chris Bianco (Pizzeria Bianco), Pam Yung (ASAP Pizza), Dan Richer (Razza), and Brandon Gray (Brandoni Pepperoni) are among the voices heard on the podcast.

Gemignani opened Pizza Rock Las Vegas in October 2013 in the old Celebrity Las Vegas space on Third Street across from Downtown Grand. The restaurant went on to rack up multiple accolades, including Silver State Awards and Best of Las Vegas Awards wins. Pizza Rock Las Vegas also nabbed a Diner’s Choice award from OpenTable in 2015.

Building off of his successful Las Vegas launch, Gemignani debuted Slice House Green Valley Ranch in February 2015 and Pizza Rock Green Valley Ranch followed in March 2015. In addition to the Pizza Rock and Slice House franchises, Gemignani is known for Little Tony’s at Palace Station in Las Vegas and Tony’s Coal Fired Pizza and Capo’s in San Francisco. 

This isn’t Gemignani‘s first rodeo when it comes to explaining his craft to the masses. Previously, he appeared on “Modernist BreadCrumbs” (not to be confused with “Modernist Pizza Podcast) to discuss “Thermal Mass” – the ability to absorb and hold heat within bread and the ovens it’s baked in. 

Tony Gemignani

Known for: Pizza Rock, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, Slice House, Capo’s, Tony’s of North Beach, Tony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Guinness Records
Largest pizza base spun in two minutes (36.5 inches), 2006
Most Consecutive Rolls Across the Shoulders in 30 seconds (37 times), 2006
World’s Longest Pizza (1,930.39 m), 2017
Most people tossing pizza dough (263), 2014

Modernist Pizza Podcast

Nathan Myhrvold and Modernist Cuisine teamed up with podcast producer Michael Harlan Turkell for a deep dive into the history, culture, and science of pizza. Each episode delivers in-depth perspective through interviews with historians, pizza mavens, flour millers, cheesemakers and more. 

Over the course of the season, the show documents the story of pizza – past, present, and future – through the voices of industry leaders and innovators in a well-researched, curated manner to show pizza’s impact on our lives. “Modernist Pizza” Podcast is produced and hosted by podcaster, writer, and photographer, Michael Harlan Turkell. 

The podcast accompanies Modernist Cuisine’s newest launch in its renowned cookbook series, ”Modernist Pizza,” because even 1,708 pages were not enough to share all there is to know and love about the world’s most popular food. 

About Modernist Pizza

With three volumes, plus a recipe manual that spans more than 1,700 pages, “Modernist Pizzaby Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya is a groundbreaking set that explores the world’s most beloved food from every possible angle. New discoveries – like using one dough for multiple styles of pizza and the secret to turning any cheese into pizza cheese, as well as surprising scientific findings, such as why pepperoni curls – can be found in every chapter. 

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