Celebrate National Tequila Day at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Try four unique margaritas for Tequila Day

By OTS Staff

On July 24, celebrate National Tequila Day by sipping on tequila-based cocktails and downing smooth shots at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. The Chandelier, Ghost Donkey and China Poblano are all offering elevated libations to satisfy cravings for a citrus and salt blend in tasty tequila mixed drinks. Here are four unique margaritas to quench your thirst.

The Chandelier

Verbena ($17) is an off-menu special cocktail. Verbena recreates the classic margarita with a refreshing twist. Served with a Sichuan flower, this sexy margarita is the perfect sip to snap a pic of for Instagram and cool down from the summer heat.  Margarita lovers will love the smooth tequila in this delightful drink.

Ghost Donkey

El Diablo Sizzle ($17) brings on the heat with this spicy take on a margarita. This sinful sip is mixed with Altos Blanco tequila, Lejay crème de cassis, homemade ginger plus a splash of lime. This Mexican spirit mingles mouthwatering flavors in every swill.

Mushroom Margarita ($17) is so good it’s almost unlawful! This earthy potion fuses Huitlacoche-infused illegal javen mezcal, combier triple sec, lime juice and finishes with lava salt on the rim. Drink enough of these and you may start singing, “Tequila!”

China Poblano

Salt Air Margarita ($15) is an artful libation crafted by José Andrés himself. For this unique twist on a margarita, tequila blanco, lime juice and agave syrup are shaken with a spoonful of fluffy “salt air” on top. Guests can add a splash of pomegranate for a dollar. The cloud-like topping accentuates the whimsical and light presentation of an imaginative sip. Looking for more tequila options? Order China Poblano’s tequila flights and explore the agave flavors from Mexico starting at $15. Bottoms up!

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