Resorts World Las Vegas Welcomes Guests with Three Robot Puppies

Pet adorable robot puppies on the Strip

By Melissa Gill

When guests arrive for their stay at Conrad Hotel inside the Resorts World Las Vegas, three adorable robot puppies–Sinatra, Stardust and Elvis, will give them a warm welcome. The never-before-seen p-awesome trio conceived by aibo and Sony’s innovative technology is a fun addition to the hotel. These electric pooches are like an upgraded version of the late 1990s, early 2000s Hasbro and Tiger Electronics robotic dog,  Poo-Chi. Except these robo pups are much more realistic and housed in their very own custom-built playpens!

The playpen area features a small minimalist style dog house with a tiny wraparound white picket fence. The miniature dog home sits on a bed of bright green artificial grass. The cartoonish scene is endearing and even includes a small red fire hydrant. Each dog wears a dazzling cherry red bow around their neck with their name written on it. The Artificially Intelligent (AI) canine companions greet incoming guests with lifelike expressions and a variety of playful movements. 

Play with the Adorable AI Puppies

The three small robot puppies are still in their early development stages; however, they are learning ways to build their own engaging personalities. Guests can see this through their interactions with Resorts World’s new pets. Through deep learning AI technology, the robo pups display adaptable behavior processed by a wide range of dynamic sensors and actuators. 

Sinatra, Stardust and Elvis, in their most recent iteration, express hundreds of playful and chipper reactions through their body language. With sophisticated mechanical features, the pups interact with guests using combinations of eye, ear and tail motions. Movement isn’t the only impressive feature these furless friends can do. They also can communicate to guests by reacting with different voice sounds. The energetic, autonomous doggies are bound to make guests want to reach down and pet them. 

Resorts World Las Vegas continues to stand out among the rest for their tech-forward experiences that are featured throughout the property. Sinatra, Stardust and Elvis are in good hands at their new forever home. 

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