Resorts World’s Mulberry Street Pizzeria Serves East Coast Flavors

Did you say All-Day Breakfast Pizza? We’re in!

By Melissa Gill | Las Vegas, NV | Resorts World

In case you missed it earlier this month, Resorts World opened Mulberry Street Pizzeria on September 17, a new fast-casual eatery serving New York style pizza. The new pizzeria is the first out-of-state location from Richie Palmer’s Beverly Hills Institution, which has been serving pizza since 1991. The East Coast inspired flavors dished out at this hot spot has served a number of notable celebrities over the last thirty years including: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dana White, the cast of “Thor: Ragnorak” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and more. 

From the hand-tossed thin crust to the All-Day Breakfast Pizza, here’s a few slices to try the next time you stop by the resort.

Specialty Pizzas

In the coming next few weeks, the location will offer the exclusive Resorts World All-Day Pizza. This New York pie is topped with egg, cheese, lyonnaise potatoes and onion. Start the day with a seasoned slice of Heaven. Pizza for breakfast is so Vegas, isn’t it? It sounds like the best bite after a long night out.

Classic Pizzas

The pizzeria also serves classics for creatures of comfort including Cheese and Pepperoni. The crispy yet pliable crust is just the right consistency for guests who want to fold it in half to eat. Their signature recipes have kept people coming back for years. For families staying at the resort, classics are always a great way to go for the kiddos. 

Vegan Pizzas

For pizza lovers looking for a tasty vegan slice, the pizzeria also serves a new Vegan option. This delicious fare is made with Mulberry Street Pizzeria’s signature sauce and Daiya vegan cheese topped with tomatoes, onion, olive, roasted green peppers, and mushrooms. Guests may also opt to dream up their own version of a vegan pizza with any of the toppings available.

Build Your Own Pizza

Guests can create their own pizza choosing from their wide variety of toppings. From Turkey Pepperoni to Eggplant Parmesan, there are about 20 different choices to try. That’s a lot of toppings. Paired with their hand-tossed crust and signature sauce, this pizzeria provides enough options for guests to try a new pizza every visit. Mulberry Street Pizzeria also offers a 10 ½” gluten-free alternative.

For additional information, visit Mulberry Street Pizzeria’s website.

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