Sahara Las Vegas Slot Players Given Option to Donate to Charity

‘Change for Charities’ helps raise money for local non-profits

By Melissa Gill

Ever cash out an odd amount of change after playing the slots? For guests that don’t want to play the spare change or usually toss it, Sahara Las Vegas’ new program, “Change for Charities,” offers players a new option; they can now donate it to a local charity. This program is a great way for casino players, both tourists and locals alike, to contribute to the Las Vegas community.

How Do I Give “Change for Charities”

The next time a casino player walks over to cash in their vouchers at one of Sahara’s ATM, the property’s ATM will offer them the opportunity to donate the change to one of four local non-profit organizations: Opportunity Village, Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, and Epicurean Charitable Foundation. The charity organizations options will rotate regularly. With the charities switching up on a continuous basis, this gives other Vegas charities the opportunity to also get involved and raise money through the “Change for Charities” program, too. The money collected for the non-profits from the ATMs will be sent out to the charity foundations monthly. Let’s talk about the four featured charities in the program right now.

Background on the Four Non-Profits

The next time casino players go to cash out, here’s a little background on each non-profit they can choose from to donate to at Sahara Las Vegas.

Opportunity Village

Opportunity Village offers a variety of programs and services to help people with disabilities. They offer people with disabilities vocational training, employment, day habilitation, social recreation programs and more. In fact, they also host seasonal family-friendly events in the community such as HallOVeen at Opportunity’s Magical Forest.

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada

The non-profit organization, Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada, gives kids a safe place to learn, grow and develop support relationships in their lives. They even offer programs for children during the summer and on school breaks. The charity’s after school programs offer a supportive and caring environment.

Las Vegas Rescue Mission

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission serves the community by providing food, shelter, addiction recovery programs and helps people meet their daily needs. The non-profit helps feed hundreds of people in the Las Vegas community and gives about 30,000 meals every month to people in need.

Epicurean Charitable Foundation

Through scholarships and mentorship programs, Epicurean Charitable Foundation helps change the lives of local students. The non-profit organization consists of over 20 top food and beverage and hospitality executives dedicated to bettering the lives of students that are passionate about going into hospitality or culinary careers.

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