Show Me The Money, Vegas Sets Revenue Record in July 2021

July was a blockbuster month in Las Vegas for entertainment, sports and more visitors than you can count

By Toni Gonzales

Viva Las Vegas!  The hot temps weren’t the only sets of numbers breaking records in Vegas during July. The state took in $794 million in gambling revenue from the Strip last month, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, an all-time total for the state. When compared to July 2019, those figures are up 46 percent.

Another set of numbers? The visitors.  Everyone and their mother booked a trip to Vegas. Scratch that, everyone, their mother, their neighbor and even their childhood best friend booked a trip to Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (the people whose job it is to keep count of visitors) said that 130 percent more people visited Vegas than in July 2020. And before you think, “well ya, we were in a pandemic.” Consider this, July 2020 was down a jaw-dropping 60 percent when compared to July 2019. 

Lady luck likely had a hand in Las Vegas’s record breaking month. The seventh month proved lucky in that there were a few key factors occurring simultaneously to its success. Several big entertainment residencies returned to the Strip. Bruno Mars returned to the Park MGM and up the street Usher was housed at The Colosseum. Add to that Garth Brooks breaking in Allegiant Stadium and you have the makings of a blockbuster month in entertainment. On the sporting side, a much touted UFC matchup between Connor McGregor and Dustin Poirier added to the draw, as did the Fury vs Wilder III matchup, both at T-Mobile.

July was also the first full month that Vegas’s Resorts World welcomed visitors. On their own they brought in $30 to $40 million in gaming revenue. But, it wasn’t just the Strip casinos who saw an increase in cash. Downtown Las Vegas casinos were up 35 percent from July 2019. 

Then, remember that July 2021 had five weekends on the calendar. Oh, and one of those weekends was Fourth of July. It all was the setup for a spectacular month.

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