The Huntridge Theater Renovation Advances in DTLV

Soho Playhouse says The Huntridge is slated to open in 2024

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The Huntridge Theater Resurrection

Some exciting news to end the year: The Huntridge Theater’s resurrection recently made another leap forward. Dapper Companies and SoHo Playhouse announced earlier this month: the off-Broadway theater company will be the principal operator of the historic theater. ⁠

⁠SoHo Playhouse, which has a storied history in New York and in recent years has hosted productions such as “Fleabag,” announced its plans for a DTLV expansion early this year and even awarded $10,000 in grants to five local theater artists. Meanwhile, Dapper Companies completed the purchase of the Huntridge in late March. Talk about timing!⁠

⁠Dapper Companies and SoHo Playhouse will work together in renovating the 77-year-old theater as well as revitalize the community around it, including Huntridge Circle Park. ⁠

photo courtesy of The Huntridge Theater Las Vegas via Facebook

⁠New Theater Renovations

According to SoHo Playhouse, the Huntridge is slated to open in 2024 and will feature five distinct performance venues, including:⁠

• a 1,150 seat concert venue that can transform into a 450 seat Off-Broadway House ⁠

• a 199 seat replica of New York’s SoHo Playhouse ⁠

• a 150 seat amphitheater and 50 seat workshop space in the Huntridge Circle Park ⁠

• a 100 seat cabaret theater⁠

⁠“The mission of SoHo at the Huntridge is to advance the theatrical arts through a varied repertoire of live music, Off-Broadway performances, and cutting-edge artist works, while building community and a sense of place in downtown Las Vegas,” the company noted in a recent project deck. “SoHo at the Huntridge aims to uplift excellence in the arts through workshops for actors, technicians, and arts administrators, while fostering growth, understanding, and appreciation of live performance and theater for local, national, and international audiences.”⁠

⁠We can’t wait to see what’s to come!⁠

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