Four Reasons We’d Audition for Wynn Nightlife

Mark your calendars for Wynn’s hiring event on January 11 and 12

Pool season just ended and we’re barely into fall, but Wynn Nightlife is already thinking about 2022 and beyond. The hospitality brand this week locked down January 11 and 12 for hiring events to staff Encore Beach Club, XS Nightclub and Wynn Field Club; as well as the recently-debuted Delilah and Casa Playa.

Among the positions available: bartenders, apprentice bartenders, cocktail servers, server assistants and lifeguards. Getting the jump on hiring early will help Wynn stay top of mind for job seekers, especially those seeking seasonal work. We thought about it for a bit, and came up with our own reasons for auditioning.

Four Reasons Why Wynn Nightlife is a Great Gig

  1. Everybody Loves You

Surely you’ll hear that tips are a major perk when working in a nightlife or daylife setting, but does that really compare to the look in someone’s eyes when they see you coming their way with a drink? That’s the happiest they’ll be all day, because they know deep down that someone noticed them, even for just a minute.

  1. You Get to Be the Life of the Party

Imagine a typical Saturday afternoon at Encore Beach Club. You’ve got the sunshine there, lots of tanned and toned strangers around you. Then, out of nowhere, comes a parade of servers with huge Fathead signs of Diplo and champagne bottles with sparklers shooting out of the top. That could be us with that champagne bottle! All those people standing up, cheering, Diplo waving from the stage. Strutting out with a big time bottle presentation automatically makes you the center of attention. And don’t forget about champagne sprays. You’re the one doing the spraying!

  1. You Save a Fortune on Tickets

It must be a dream for EDM fans to get a Wynn gig. Every night Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, Kygo or some other big time act coming in to entertain the crowd. How many deejays post up at Chili’s? Probably none, who knows, it’s been forever since we’ve had an Awesome Blossom. And what about Wynn Field Club? While everyone else is looking at a screen while they work, you’re looking at an NFL game going down right in front of you. 

  1. You’ll Always Be In Shape

Have you seen the hardbodies working Encore Beach Club? If you’re still slouching on your 2021 (or 2020, or any year before that) resolution to get in shape, a dayclub or nightclub gig will get you on the right side of fit. A couple of months in the gym and you’ll be ready for pool season with rock hard abs and a sweet spray tan. And you’ll be grateful, because what’s not to love about having a healthy body and being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking?

Wynn 2022 Auditions


Beethoven Ballroom at Encore –

Tuesday, January 11 and Wednesday, January 12

Job seekers interested in representing Wynn’s daylife, nightlife and social dining brands are encouraged to apply online prior to January auditions. Swimwear attire is preferred, but not required for all model positions.

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