New Year, New Us: Off the Strip’s 2022 Resolutions

Off The Strip is here to inspire you to set your goals and wishes for the New Year

Resolutions aren’t for everyone. Some of us are perfectly happy where we are in life and prefer not to take stock of our failings. But resolutions can be a healthy thing, in that they put us in a goal-setting mindset and allow us to start the New Year with a positive mental attitude.

So to help motivate you, the staff at Off the Strip is offering up their lists of resolutions for 2022. Remind us to check back in 52 weeks to see if any of these things happened.

Off The Strip New Year Resolutions

Melissa Gill: “In 2022, my New Year Resolution is to graduate from UNLV with a Bachelor degree in journalism and media. This coming year I also plan to continue working towards self-publishing my first poetry chapbook, ‘City of Flowers.’ Lastly, I want to pick up a new hobby like rollerblading or archery.”

Toni Gonzales: “I resolve to stop giving my energy to useless things and situations. So long time-sucks of 2021! Then I resolve to give up my New Year’s resolution for Lent.”

Jason Latham: “I’m gonna learn the saxophone because someone needs to follow in the footsteps of that greased up beefcake from The Lost Boys. Gonna need to get the abs and the chaps, too. I’m also lookin at another tattoo in the New Year, design suggestions are welcome. After that, the only thing left on my list is getting Sugar Ray to play my birthday party. That might require a GoFundMe.”

Jamie Malloy: “I’d like to continue to work harder in my job to grow with the company. I want to work on getting my Feature Images in my stories right. I also want to be a better person by helping others and showing more compassion when needed.”

Jenna Nye: “One of my New Year’s resolutions is to create a more routine lifestyle, whether that means a walk every morning at the same time or simply 10 minutes away from the screen every day. It has been far too easy for me to get stuck behind a computer for hours on end without realizing time is passing. I would like to utilize a reminder system of sorts – do one thing every day at the same time every day.”

Rachel Quilantan: “I will be diving into the depths of my soul; spiritually and mentally… opening the gates into my most infinite portals of imagination, creativity, love, and prosperity alongside the beautiful connections I bond with, on this human journey. Other than that, living every day fully immersed in this very moment.”

Melinda Sheckells: ”My New Year’s resolution is to SLEEP at least eight hours per 24-hour period. Recharging my batteries is something I have neglected for far too long. Also, I will learn to balance my schedule better by eliminating time sucks and fruitless pursuits.”

Jen Avison Smith: “First, I resolve to seriously cut down on my TikTok use. It does me no favors. Second, I really want to visit Easter Island, so I’ll probably start saving up for that. Lastly, I resolve to be kinder to myself. My family, friends and boyfriend are incredible, and I’ve done a perfect job of surrounding myself with amazing people that I would walk to the moon for — looking at you, OTS team! — but kindness starts within.“

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