Have The Hottest Summer of Your Life: Pole Dancing in Las Vegas

From striptease classes to heel-friendly sessions, check out all the pole dancing fitness studios in town

Summer in Las Vegas means that it’s almost too hot to go outside. To escape the heat, tourists and locals might want to consider tuning into more recreational activities in Vegas that don’t involve going outdoors. One such activity provides an authentic Vegas experience that can’t be replicated in the fray, but comes close in a less traditional fitness space, pole dancing.

History of Pole Dancing in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas has a stacked roster of strip clubs and adult stores tucked in the folds of the city. Before the first studio opened, poles were mainly found inside said clubs, at famous locations like Palomino and Crazy Horse. The acrobatics that exist today were pending, as the styles and tricks of modern pole dancing were still in the early stages of development.

Now, the household names of pole dancing reside in Las Vegas. Aerialist Jenyne Butterfly, who has made appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and the Netflix original documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up,” currently lives in Vegas and stays active in the performance circuit. Pole dance icon Fawnia Mondey got her start in Vegas as one of the world’s first pole dance instructors. She hosted Pole Expo in Las Vegas for and remains heavily involved in the community as a party host, consultant and certification proctor for pole dance instructors around the world.

Looking to try pole dancing at a strip club? You’ll have better luck elsewhere. Las Vegas strip clubs don’t offer amateur nights to the general public. Working as a dancer in Vegas requires more paperwork than most, including a sheriff’s card and other forms of documentation. This closes off any walk-ins looking to try pole dancing for the first time.

Luckily, there are outlets to cross off that bucket list item. Today, there are several official studios in Las Vegas that promote all levels of pole dance fitness. While many facilities offer striptease classes and heel-friendly sessions, the physicality of pole dance is another key offering, as many participants attend purely for the exercise aspect.

Pole Fitness Studio

This is the original studio in Vegas, where Fawnia Mondey opened her first studio space on the corner of Flamingo and Arville in 2004. As one of the first studios in the nation, Pole Fitness Studio (PFS) hosts thousands of guests from all over the world, and the fitness fun doesn’t stop at pole dancing. With five rooms available, PFS offers over 400 classes a month, including aerial silks, twerk, yoga, Zumba, hip-hop and many more.

Courtesy of Jen Avison

On the philanthropic side, Pole Fitness Studio also hosts annual recitals to donate to fundraisers such as Three Squares LV, as well as free clothing swaps and other local-friendly events.

Perfect for: All dancer levels, or those looking for other forms of fitness.


As one of the hidden gems of Downtown Container Park, Sunny’s is a pole studio located on the third floor of the complex. Five poles sit nestled in the studio space, with a view of the flashing Western Hotel sign in the distance. Guests can purchase bachelorette pole party packages with decorations, parties and photo shoots at this bright and fun space, which is a stone’s throw away from the main downtown drag.

Courtesy of Jen Avison

If you forgot your outfit, Sunny’s has you covered. The space doubles as a boutique, selling apparel perfect for pole classes, raves, pool parties and other events that require less clothing.

Perfect for: Beginners and out-of-town guests.

Deja Vu’s Crash Academy

One of the largest adult stores in Las Vegas has its own secluded space tucked into the back of the shop. Crash Academy provides an authentic “club-esque” pole dance experience, with many of its instructors stemming from the adult industry. Eight poles stand in a narrow back room with perfect lighting and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. It’s the perfect environment for giving the outfits purchased in the retail store a test run — plus, students with memberships get 30% off all apparel.

Courtesy of Jen Avison

After shopping, check out the theater, strip club or escape room to spend an entire day in this grown-up playground.

Perfect for: Adventurous types looking for a new place to train.

Aerial Athletica

The name says it all. Aerial Athletica brings the best of aerial arts experiences to the general public with its array of classes. Their pole dancing lessons are clearly broken down by each level’s requirement, so guests can know exactly what class to sign up for based on their abilities. 

Perfect for: People wanting to try alternative forms of fitness in addition to pole dancing.

SHINE Alternative Fitness

Ever wonder where all the Cirque du Soleil performers go to train? SHINE is an industrial-sized fitness space offering the best in aerial equipment such as silks, hoops and acrobatics. The open floor plan brings a unique aesthetic to a traditional studio concept, and the classes are in high demand. Plus, fans of P Valley Starz will recognize Amelie from the show.

Perfect for: Everyone, and especially more experienced dancers or performers.


Get the at-home experience of a studio pole class with one of the industry greats Las Vegas-based performer Suwasit has a 25-year career bringing pole dance and its many variations to the mainstream. His pole dance parties are made complete with costumes and an optional money gun to feel like a true high roller.

Perfect for: Anyone looking for a more private experience.

Stripper 101 class

That’s right. Las Vegas Strip visitors can take a pole dancing class at Planet Hollywood. Stripper 101 class teaches the sexiest moves for anyone looking to discover their flirty side. Bringing props is also encouraged, so bring along those tiaras and feather boas to express yourself even more while on the pole. If anyone in the party is feeling nervous, a bar is situated close to the poles for some quick libationary courage.

V Theater is the home of some of the Strip’s most unique shoes, like Zombie Burlesque and Vegas! The Show.

Perfect for: Guests staying at hotels on the Strip.

Pole Kisses LV

The new kid on the block has a classic history in the city. Many of the Pole Kisses studio’s staff — including the front desk associate — got their start at Polecats Aerial Fitness, a Las Vegas-based studio that closed its doors several years ago. This revival means that pole is the primary focus, along with other aerial arts and bungee classes, for a fun take on fitness.

Courtesy of Pole Kisses LV’s Instagram

Take advantage of the July specials, with three classes for $30 and a $99 per month membership offer for the first 100 members.

Perfect for: Beginner and intermediate dancers looking for familiar faces.

Try a Pole Dance Class

You don’t have to visit a strip club to try pole dancing. Nowadays, the services pole dance studios provide covers fitness classes, bachelorette party experiences and certification courses for instructors and students from all over the country.

The pole dance studios of Vegas Valley are inclusive, plentiful and always welcoming of first-timers. When you visit your first class, tag us at @offthestrip to show off your new moves.

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