Downtown Las Vegas Artist Paints Vivacious Vintage Visions

Victoria Jade creates exuberant pieces of wearable art

By Zoneil Maharaj

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Victoria Jade has made the most out of a tragic year. She lost her job making costumes for “Le Rêve” at the Wynn as a result of the pandemic, then lost her brother to drug abuse.

She refused to let it break her spirit.

“It made me realize that life is short and you don’t know what’s going to happen in that timeframe,” she says. “I think about him a lot when I’m creating and it puts my life into perspective.”

Her brother’s passing made Victoria go all-in on her art. Though she’d been painting since attending Las Vegas Academy for visual arts, her art often took a backseat to her work in fashion. In the last year, she’s married both of those worlds, painting on vintage clothing to create one-of-a-kind wearable art.

You’ll know Victoria’s work immediately when you see it. Inspired by the golden age of cinema and vintage Vegas culture, the Las Vegas native’s stunning portraits celebrate the female form. Victoria’s risqué bombshells shimmer and sparkle, oozing sensuality on canvas the way Marilyn Monroe did on stage.

“It’s beauty from my perspective,” she says of her art. “There’s something so beautiful about seeing someone’s face, seeing their age, seeing their emotions.”

Victoria’s work matches her exuberant energy and glowing personality. Though the circumstances of the last year could’ve put her in a dark place, she credits the local art and Downtown communities for lifting her up.
Video Courtesy of Victoria Jade

“Without pop-ups, I’d be so unhappy just by myself in the studio,” she says.

She’s now created a world around her art. She’s become a fixture at events like Market in the Alley and art exhibits Downtown. She paints live during events at The Goodwolf  (“They gave me a home,” she says).

Victoria also works as a creamstress with Paradise City Creamery, a job she started two weeks after her brother’s untimely passing. “They really did save me,” she says.

“Everybody’s so loving and it makes my heart soar,” Victoria adds. “I love to see how we’ve come together during the pandemic. We never had a sense of community before this. I really cherish Downtown a lot.” 

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