DTLV Artist Ami Divine Enchants Listeners with Debut Album ‘Spells’

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By  Zoneil Maharaj | DTLV

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Ami Divine will put a spell on you. Take one listen to the sultry songstress and evocative spoken word artist, who performed a special Aaliyah-inspired set during Friday’s DTLV Field Trip, and you’ll be instantly enchanted by her ethereal coo.

By blending elements of R&B, poetry and jazz, she creates a sound that’s uniquely her own — “The Divine Sound,” as she calls it.

“I focus around making music that feels good to my listeners; textures that raise vibrations and frequencies through tones and harmonies — taking the heart space to a higher place,” she says.

That’s the magic of Ami Divine. Even as she copes with loss, she uses her music to uplift. Her debut album, aptly-titled “Spells,” was made after her mother passed away in 2020.

“Grief is a hell of a journey,” she says. “And during a pandemic, you can imagine the trauma. I turned my pain into frequencies by opening my heart and capturing its melodies. My parents were a big inspiration. The album is dedicated to them.”

Songs like “Fyah” are an example of her alchemy, transforming her sorrow into a powerful, hip-shaking Afro-house jaunt as she sings: “Through the fire, I walk through the flames / Let’s go higher.”

“Ultimately, I want to connect with beautiful humans through sound,” she says of her mission.

Ami’s been doing just that. An Arizona native, she’s called Las Vegas home for the last nine years, performing at various venues throughout the city. It’s on stage that she shines the brightest, with a captivating performance that touches the soul.

Image courtesy of Ami Divine.

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