Street Artist Paints Hidden Cassette Tapes in Downtown Las Vegas

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By  Zoneil Maharaj | DTLV

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Downtown street artist Dan Forty-Five has hidden 18 cassette-shaped pieces of art throughout Downtown Las Vegas (kids, ask your parents what cassettes are; you were likely conceived to a mixtape one of them made). Each features a line or song title with the band’s name in the corner.

The art in the photo above, located on Main and California, pays tribute to British punk band The Vibrators’ 1977 single, “Baby Baby.”

“Most of the one liners on these cassettes remind me of how powerful music is in intensifying love and healing from heartache,” Dan Forty-Five wrote in a recent Instagram post.

We’ve already told you where two of them are. You’ll have to find the rest on your own. Have you spotted any around the neighborhood?

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