Meet Las Vegas Fashion Babies Caleb and Olivia Wise

The Wise kids chat about their favorite fashion accessories, sibling shenanigans and where they love to shop

Names: Caleb Reign Wise and Olivia Sky Wise 

Ages: 2-years-old and 7-months-old

Who’s mom and what does she do?

Stephanie Wise. Mommy used to work in the gaming industry as an HR Professional for several years, but resigned from corporate life to stay home and raise us.

Who’s dad and what does he do?

Salvatore Wise. He’s our superhero, but daddy is also a Vice President of Marketing for Tao Group.

Who’s older?

Caleb: Me (by 18 months)

Who’s cuter?

Caleb: Me! Who can resist these big blue eyes? LOL!

Olivia: You’re not the only one with blue eyes, brother! And no way, I’m the cuter one ????.

Who’s mom’s favorite and why?

Caleb: Mommy doesn’t have a favorite, but if she did, it would be me, because I’m a mama’s boy all the way. She always says I’m her favorite little dude! 

Olivia: Mommy loves us both the same, but she tells me all the time I’m her favorite girl!

Who is dad’s favorite and why?

Caleb: We are both his favorites, but if he had to pick, I’d say me (again, LOL)! I’m daddy’s mini-me. 

Olivia: I’m daddy’s princess. So I would be his favorite, IF he had one.  

What is your favorite accessory, or something you love to wear?

Caleb: If I’m not wearing a hat, I love to rock my little man bun! 

Olivia: I love a good headband, beautiful bow, flower or turban. 

When’s the right time for babies to join TikTok or Insta? Have you jumped in the game?

Caleb: Our parents say we’re too young to join social media. So if anyone wants to see what we are up to, they have to check out their accounts. 

Olivia: Yup, too young. Maybe one day when we grow up we can have our own accounts, if mommy and daddy say yes.

Career goals?

Caleb: When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut or a pilot because I love rocket ships and airplanes. But daddy is convinced that I’ll be a musician or lead singer when I grow up because I have an amazing vocal range. And I love to strum the guitar or play around on the piano every chance I get.   

Olivia: I’m too young to know right now, but I’m happy with playing and napping all day. My parents say I am meant for great things. When I grow up though, I know I can be anything I want to be if I set my mind to it.  

What’s the best toy you own?

Caleb: Hard to say, I have lots of cool toys. My rocket launcher, Legos and trampoline are things I play with daily. If I’m not playing with those, then you can catch me in my sandbox.

Olivia: My busy bee rolling toy. I can play with that for hours! I also love my Jolly Jumper. It’s so much fun!

Caleb, how are you adapting to being a big brother? What part do you enjoy the most? And the least?

Caleb: I love being a big brother! I enjoy making my baby sister laugh by being silly, dancing and jumping around. I love helping mommy and daddy take care of her. The thing I like least would be when [my] sister hits me with her walker. She’s fast and it hurts sometimes! But I’ve mastered dodging and outrunning her!

What do you do for fun?

Caleb: I love to go on playdates with my friends, try out new parks and indoor playgrounds. I love to go watch the airplanes take-off and land at the airport. We also go with mommy on most of her errands and trips, so pretty much whatever she does she brings us with her. 

Olivia: I love to roll around on my play mat and run in my walkers, nap and hang out with my brother, mommy and daddy. Mommy also reads to us, and I really enjoy that. Books are so interesting! 

What snack can you not put down?

Caleb: String Cheese! And fruit, especially blueberries and mangos. 

Olivia: Avocados! I love avocados and bananas!

Vegas Golden Knights or Las Vegas Raiders?

Caleb and Olivia Wise: Golden Knights. We can’t wait to go to our first game!

Who’s your bestie?

Caleb: Logan Swank

Olivia: Maliha Abdi

How do you describe your style?

Caleb: Athleisure, with a little SoCal vibe. 

Olivia:  Country charm and a little boho. 

Where do you shop?

Caleb: Little Bipsy, Cash and Co., H&M Kids and Adidas.

Olivia: Posh Peanut, Janie and Jack, H&M Kids and Target.

What’s your favorite children’s charity?

Caleb and Olivia Wise: Save the Children.

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