Get to Know Our Insta BFF Garden Las Vegas Owner Eduardo Cordova

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and 'go down the rabbit hole'? Meet the owner of The Garden Las Vegas

Off The Strip Staff: Hi Eduardo! Will you be our Insta BFF?

@Eduardolv: Yes

OTS Staff: By day, you are …

Eduardo Cordova: Doggie dad, explorer [and] boss

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Cordova: I am actually a night owl. I worked nightlife for many years and I now I run the gay bar The Garden Las Vegas.

OTS Staff: Vegas is one of the hottest places for nightlife. That’s awesome! What inspired you to open The Garden Las Vegas?

Cordova: Most of my inspiration comes at night. The concept of The Garden came from wanting to elevate the gay nightlife in Las Vegas. Also planting a seed in the neighborhood where it can grow 😜

Cordova: The Arts District is the perfect place for it.

OTS Staff: Absolutely! Happy Pride Month! How are you celebrating this year?

Cordova: Well, it’s great that it’s Pride Month. For me, it’s Pride every day! We are celebrating our 2-year anniversary at The Garden and have big events all month long.

OTS Staff: Yes! 🥳 Happy 2-year anniversary! How does it feel to reach this milestone?

Cordova: Thank you! It’s a great feeling, having validation for another safe space for our queer community that was very needed. I am very humbled and grateful to our locals.

OTS Staff: That’s so important! 💜

OTS Staff: How may years have you been on Insta?

Cordova: Sorry, I had to check. 2011. 11 years.

OTS Staff: No worries 😊 Wow, those photos are beautiful and your fur babies are adorable! Where were these photos taken?

Cordova: Tahoe. That’s Belle and Kobee, my best friend’s doggies actually lol

Cordova: Love to escape to Lake Tahoe and visit my friends during the hottest months in Vegas.

OTS Staff: That’s a great plan. Escaping the heat is always nice. What do you love about Instagram?

Cordova: It’s crazy how fast we get the news and what’s trending today. I love also to keep up with friends, for inspiration or a good laugh.

OTS Staff: Yes, it’s a great way to stay in touch with people, especially when life feels like it’s moving so fast.

Cordova: Yes, for sure.

OTS Staff: As a business owner, what is the top challenge of integrating social media into your marketing strategy?

Cordova: Social media is crucial to any brand these days and I believe the challenge is to stay relevant with content that your target audience wants to see. Some people or businesses get frustrated trying to please everyone or over posting, but I believe the key is to stay true to your brand and seek collaborations.

OTS Staff: Absolutely, it’s super important to know the target audience. TikTok has become such a popular social media platform for creators. Would you leave Insta for TikTok?

Cordova: [I’m] personally not sure I would at this time. I just don’t have the time to keep up with another platform. We use it for The Garden Las Vegas and it only [took] a few months [and] it blew up and passed our IG followers. It gets crazy views!

OTS Staff: Wow, that’s super awesome that it blew up! Which post on The Garden Las Vegas’ TikTok blew up and why do you think it almost broke the internet?

Cordova: Both of these because Tamisha Iman is a legendary RuPaul Drag Race star and Megamosa is now (in)famous! Both quintessentially Las Vegas.


The ICON @Tamisha Iman serves us a @maryjblige fantasy at The Garden Bottomless Brunch here in Las Vegas! ✨ #werk #isaidwhatisaid #rupaulsdragrace #dragrace #tamishaiman #dragqueen #lasvegas #vegas

♬ original sound – The Garden Las Vegas

OTS Staff: Tamisha’s performance is amazing and makes me want to get up and dance! So fun! That Megamosa looks incredible and I can see why it’s blowing up on TikTok!


This isn’t just a mimosa.. it’s the MEGAMOSA! Available only here at Las Vegas’s hottest Drag Brunch.. The Garden Bottomless Brunch! 🍊🍾 This is a TikTok sensation.. mixed with 3 bottles of champagne, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Orange Juice, and topped with a little bit of berry purée! 😎☀️👀 #mimosa #dragbrunch #lasvegas #cocktails #vegas #thegardenlasvegas #thegardenbottomlessbrunch #dragqueen

♬ Cap – burrell

OTS Staff: If you could change one thing about Instagram, what would it be and why?

Cordova: Maybe have a day off to unplug and we knew every Monday Instagram is closed. It’s the good and the bad. Sometimes we need to connect with nature and people face to face and be more present.

OTS Staff: What’s the secret to creating a great Instagram feed?

Cordova: Being personal and organic, not trying too hard. People like to see real but keeping your aesthetic.

OTS Staff: We agree! Being authentic is so refreshing and relatable.

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie!

Cordova: Bestie as in one of my best friends?

OTS Staff: Yes or anyone you want to give a shoutout.

Cordova: My gay bestie that runs the straight world in Las Vegas

Cordova: @mikesnedegar

OTS Staff: Thank you so much!

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