Get to Know Fearless Fashion Baby Magdalena Lucia Quintana Frasure

Magdalena shares what it's like being a trendy Las Vegas baby right now

By OTS Staff

Meet larger-than-life Las Vegas fashion baby Magdalena Lucia Quintana Frasure. Full of smiles and laughter, this 3-year-old brightens the world with her vibrant outfits and heartwarming smile. Wearing vivid shades of pinks, yellows and blues, she knows how to keep her wardrobe lively. One day, this fashionista plans on becoming a doctor. This girl is full of surprises! Off the Strip talks with Frasure about what it’s like to be a Las Vegas baby right now—fashion icons, siblings and “QURAANTEENE.”

Favorite outfit?
Nike jumpsuit.

Favorite designer?
I don’t like designers.

Who is your fashion icon, and how are they shaping your style?
Gabby because she wears stripped shirts and jean pants.

When’s the right time for babies to join TikTok or Insta? Have you jumped in the game?

When you’re a big kid. No, Mama won’t even let me have an iPad.

What’s it like having a Mom who is so funky?
She’s a poopy butterfly.

Are you going to play poker like her one day? 

Yes, when I get bigger.

Career goals?

I want to be a doctor.

YouTube or Netflix? Favorite show? 

YouTube.  Blippi.

What’s the best toy you own?

My Qai Qai doll.

You have a lot of brothers … what’s it like being the only girl? 

My brothers pick their noses a lot. They’re really nice to me and play with me all the time. They buy me stickers and games.

Home school or nah?

I want to do home school so I can be with Mommy and Daddy all day.

Best and worst thing about being quarantined?

I don’t know what “QURAANTEENE” means.

What’s a snack can you not put down?

Candy, but my Mama makes me eat healthy snacks.

Who’s your bestie?

Vivianne “Vivi.”

Where do you shop?
TJ Maxx.

Who’s your favorite? Mom or Dad?
Mommy and Daddy.

Wish for the New Year …

To have bunny rabbits.

What’s your favorite children’s charity?

Goodie Two Shoes

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