Get to Know Our Insta BFF Event Planner @Ash_Vu

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and go down the rabbit hole? Meet @Ash_Vu

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: By day, you are …

@Ash_Vu: Co-owner of the best event company in town DecNDeets and cocktail server at Wet Republic.

OTS Staff: We love a girl who works hard for the money! Two jobs ????.

Ashley Vu: Someone’s gotta pay the bills around here.

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Ashley Vu: Probably still prepping for that week’s event or being Bob the Builder making props in my garage, and I’m also a dog mom.

OTS Staff: How old is the pup and name???

Ashley Vu: My pups is 16 weeks old, and his name is Mowgli. I strongly believe he’s part goat ???? haha.

Ashley Vu: That’s what’s I get purchasing a dog off Craigslist ????.

OTS Staff: What type?? Other than goat … ?

Ashley Vu: He was suppose to be a Maltipoo, but I honestly have no idea what he is aside from the best cuddles.

OTS Staff: Awwww we love cuddles. How many years have you been on Insta, and what was your first post???

Ashley Vu: Since 2012 so almost a decade ????. I had to scroll all the way back, but my first post ever was my planking down a set of stairs (apparently that’s what the cool kids did back then). I should prob archive that photo now LOL.

OTS Staff: Yea! That has aged LOL ????.

Ashley Vu: ???? This is a judgment-free zone, right?

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Ashley Vu: My top post was me in a bikini auditioning for Wet Republic one summer and then biting into an In-n-Out burger after starving all morning.

Ashley Vu: IDK if it was the bikini or the burger that broke the internet.

OTS Staff: Probably both!!! You are one of the most beautiful women in Las Vegas, and we also think In-n-Out is pretty beautiful, too ????.

Ashley Vu: Awwww thank you!!! I definitely think In-n-Out has me beat.

OTS Staff: Perfect transition … Why did you decide to start DecNDeets?

Ashley Vu: Originally, it was just a hobby my best friend and I did on the side because I wasn’t working as many hours at the pool so I wanted to occupy my time more. And a pandemic and four years later, it’s grown into a full-blown business.

OTS Staff: So many positive things have come from difficult times ????????. Good for you.

Ashley Vu: Thank you! It’s be a very humbling journey. I’m very thankful for it ☺️.

OTS Staff: You are known for your outrageous decor … what has been the wildest thing you have done for a party?

Ashley Vu: We have done so many cool themes and events. One of my all-time favorites was when we turned Red Rock Country Club into Gotham City. And the wildest thing we’ve had to do for a party was cook sand to mold PVC pipes. I felt like Bill Nye the science guy.

OTS Staff: You are a renaissance woman!!! I think we’ve seen you hitch and unhitch a trailer a few times on Insta, too!!! Have you always been handy?

Ashley Vu: Haha, OMG, yesss!! I’ve always been handy, building and creating things have always been my passion. Plus, most of the men I meet aren’t handy, so I usually have to put things together.

OTS Staff: LOL!!! OK, we will get to that later … I feel some good tea is brewing ????.

Ashley Vu: ???? ???? ????

OTS Staff: Favorite type of event to do?

Ashley Vu: I fall in love every time we do an event, but the best are when our clients allow us to run wild with our imagination and decorate however we want. Those are the best kinds in my opinion.

OTS Staff: OK, so how many balloons can you blow up in a row if you have to?????

Ashley Vu: I can recall one day we spent almost 14 hours just blowing up balloons. Keep in mind we’re not using our mouths for anyone wondering LOL. Thank the skies above for electric balloon pumps. I can’t even tell you how many balloons there were.

OTS Staff: Haha!!! Thx you for myth busting that one. Who’s your favorite Insta follow???

Ashley Vu: I think it comes down to @theeventcollectivex or @balloontherapy❤️ . They seriously have the prettiest events, I’m inspired.

OTS Staff: TikTok or nah?

Ashley Vu: Uhhh yaaa!! @decndeets

Ashley Vu: You can watch us transform and build our setups, there might be a couple older TikToks of me pranking some people if you scroll down far enough.


♬ Renee – Sales

OTS Staff: We love that … socially integrated ????.

Ashley Vu: I think I’ve learned more on TikTok then I have in school.

OTS Staff: OK, switching to your other career … damn, girl, how’d you get so fine?! Can you give us one of your tips for how you stay looking so amazing and swimsuit ready all the time?

Ashley Vu: It’s that dry Vegas heat LOL. No ,really, my biggest secret is intermittent fasting … 16 hours every day!!

OTS Staff: How do you handle the summer heat in heels?

Ashley Vu: OMG the start of every season, my feet want to fall off, but I think by July/August, they’re so numb from the heat, I don’t even notice I’m in heels. Aaaaand sometimes I switch my shoes out mid-shift.

OTS Staff: And this season, which starts March 5 … is what number for you????

Ashley Vu: This will be Season 6 for me.

OTS Staff: You will! It’s been too long.

Ashley Vu: Yay!!! ‘Cause the babes in blue love Off the Strip.

OTS Staff: Ok, can we get in on that group chat???

Ashley Vu: I’ll be sure to keep you in that loop.

OTS Staff: What’s your greatest wish for this year ???❤️

Ashley Vu: Honestly, I would love to see our city go back to normal and recover from this pandemic. I know everyone is itching to get out and feel like we have a sense of normalcy around here.

OTS Staff: OK and … tag a bestie … but you can only pick one! No cheating …

Ashley Vu: That’s easy @danaklaharn my ride or die!!!! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her in my life ????.

OTS Staff: We love youuuuuuuuuuu, Ash Vuuuuuuu thx for being our BFF!

Ashley Vu: Love you, toooooo!!!! ????

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