Get to Know Our Insta BFF Musician @Anthony.Calori

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and go down the rabbit hole? Meet musician @Anthony.Calori

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: Yay!???? By day, you are…

@Anthony.Calori: Practicing, learning, trying to be my best for others and finding purpose in all of this.

OTS Staff: That’s very inspiring! What do you mean by searching for purpose in all of this?

Anthony Calori: The purpose in pursuing this music stuff. It can get tricky, you know? I have never felt comfortable turning myself into a brand or trying to convince people that what I do should matter to them or that it’s special. So I look for other ways for this pursuit to have meaning. Teaching, giving back to the community, playing for people so that I might help them feel just a little more calm or just “better” than before I played.

OTS Staff: It’s wonderful that you want your music to be your way of giving back to the community! What is the most touching memory you have from someone hearing your music?

Anthony Calori: I’m not sure what would be the most touching memory… but recently I made a new friend at a party and he told me he was having a really rough day a couple weeks ago… so he decided to drive around a listen to my music and after a little while he cried and he felt better. Him telling me that was humbling and made my eyes water up a bit.

OTS Staff: Music is such a powerful way to connect with others! It’s uplifting to hear how your music made someone feel better and also brought a new friend into your life.

OTS Staff: By night, you are…

Anthony Calori: Creating, relaxing, and grateful for another day.

OTS Staff: What’s the story behind your first post?

Anthony Calori: Quite honestly… You’re looking at young (and probably drunken) fool, feeling down and out (but in love with playing), recording some music on one of my great friend’s synthesizers, trying to figure out this life stuff and only seeing a light at the end of tunnel through this music. I am very grateful and humbled to be where I am now.

OTS Staff: Why do you love Insta?

Anthony Calori: Can’t say I love it, but I appreciate what it does for creatives and entrepreneurs.

OTS Staff: Fave follow on Insta?

Anthony Calori: @jeffturnermusic

OTS Staff: How long have you been playing the keyboard? What inspired you to start playing?

Anthony Calori: I started teaching myself in 2015. “Hearing” an artist by the name of Dam-Funk and “seeing” pianist KevChoice play live inspired and encouraged me to learn how to play and play in a way that was genuine to who I am.

OTS Staff: TikTok or Nah?

Anthony Calori: At the moment, nah.

OTS Staff: Do you ever do a digital detox? And, if so, for how long?

Anthony Calori: Yes. Usually months. Longest I believe was a year.

OTS Staff: Why did you detox for a year?

Anthony Calori: I don’t remember to be honest, but I enjoyed it. Though you find yourself talking about stuff you “saw” in real life like on your walk to the store and others talking about stuff they “saw” on the internet. So that was interesting.

OTS Staff: Who’s in your DMs?

Anthony Calori: Usually really cool artists and creatives. Ralph Cinema. I look forward to working with him at some point.

OTS Staff: That’s great! What is your latest music project?

Anthony Calori: I just release an EP titled, “Purpose.” It is my most recent project, a mix of piano, spoken word, synth stuff to drive to and think to. I also have a song coming out this Sunday called “Dua” that I look forward to sharing with everyone. It’s over 8 minutes long so hopefully it’s received well, haha.

OTS Staff: That’s exciting!

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie.

Anthony Calori: Mctate2 (mentor, lyricist, spoken-word artist, MC and overall great human-being).

OTS Staff: Thank you for chatting with us! Can’t wait to hear your new music.

Anthony Calori: Thank you! Your time and energy spent shedding light on the good folks of Las Vegas is appreciated and important so I am honored to be a part of it all. I wish you nothing but success. Greater comes later. Thank you.

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