Get to Know Our InstaBFF @MsMertz

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and 'go down the rabbit hole'? Meet Mercedes from Mix 94.1

@OTS Staff: By day you are…

@Msmertz: Host of “Mercedes in the Morning” on Mix 94.1 and “Las Vegas Now” on KLAS

OTS Staff: Fancy! By night you are …

Mercedes: Mom, wife, Peloton groupie and Netflix binger … wait I’m those things during the day too!

OTS Staff: Ok, sidebar, what’s your current binge???

Mercedes: Oooooh … I’m watching it a second time because it is SO ???? DAMN ???? GOOD ????

Mercedes: TED LASSO

OTS Staff: Ooooooo, it’s on our list too!!! What’s your next binge?

Mercedes: You’ll love it! I’ve been hearing a lot about “Lupin” so I think I’ll check it out!

OTS Staff: How many years on Insta?

Mercedes: Since 2011 so 10 years!

OTS Staff: Omg a decade!!! You are an original.

OTS Staff: First post?

Mercedes: Ha ha! I looked up the date: March 16, 2011.



*still scrolling*

SMH at the things I used to post … a screenshot of Words with Friends?!?

*still scrolling*

A picture of my daughters.

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Mercedes: It’s one of my most recent posts of me signing my contract extension at Mix 94.1.

OTS Staff: Yay!!! We saw that congrats!!! How many years now???

Mercedes: OMG 23?!?!? Thank you! I’m so grateful ????????

OTS Staff: You were 5 when you started!!! Child prodigy.

OTS Staff: Do you love Insta?

Mercedes: I did over the holidays. I was suffering from pandemic fatigue and just needed to focus on me without distraction.

OTS Staff: You time!!! Fave follow?

Mercedes: Always needed. Self care >>>

Mercedes: Off The Strip

OTS Staff: Awwwww we ❤️ you … ????????????????

Mercedes: @scoobydoofruitsnacks and @tanksinatra always make me laugh. @houseofsequins for great fashion/deals. And any Baby Yoda account.

OTS Staff: Ok, real talk for one sec. You have been blowing up TikTok lately …will you give up Insta for TikTok?

Mercedes: Ha ha! No there’s plenty of me to go around. But TikTok is fun and a totally different vibe than IG.

OTS Staff: Who’s your fave TikTok follow?

Mercedes: Ooooh good question! *runs to Tik Tok real quick*

Mercedes: I love jera.bean. She’s so cute and always teaches me something.


I AM A GHOST TUTORIAL ???? #iamaghost #ghosttutorial #trendingtutorial #ghostchallenge #iamaghostchallenge


OTS Staff: Ok we are going to get on that track thanks for the rec.

OTS Staff: You are mom goals on Insta … do your daughters get jelly or embarrassed by your ‘gram?

Mercedes: I worry about that so I always ask if they’re cool if I post something about them. They actually DM me half the memes I post in my story.

OTS Staff: Family participation!!!

Mercedes: Yes! They know how to stay in my good graces lol

OTS Staff: Debbie!!! That’s so awesomeWho’s in your DMs?

Mercedes: My friends sending memes back and forth and people asking me where I bought the famous leggings from TikTok ????????

OTS Staff: Ok where’d you buy them????


#stitch with @devinkolson These are magical. Seriously how did they do this? Link in comments. Thanks @mommy.ditto for the inspo! #amazonad

♬ original sound – Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes: Ha ha! Amazon. I need to put a link in my bio!

OTS Staff: Please!!! Leggings are life.

Mercedes: They will transform your booty. I have no idea whose booty is in these, but it’s not mine lol

OTS Staff: What’s your secret to great ‘gram?

Mercedes: If there’s a secret, I want to know it! I just want to share a little bit of fun, happiness or laughs. And maybe a cute outfit.

Mercedes: Or leggings.

OTS Staff: And great booty!

OTS Staff: We know you LOVE baby Yoda memes … has anything even come close lately?

Mercedes: YAAAAASSS.

Mercedes: YES! The Bernie memes but I’m sure I’ll be sick of them by the afternoon.

OTS Staff: Omg, the Bernie memes kept us alive.

OTS Staff: Biggest Inspo account? Where do you get your quotes?

Mercedes: I love @moonomens for affirmations, astrology and insights and @powerofpositivity for inspiration and motivation.

OTS Staff: Ok and we know since the pandemic started you and Matt your husband do your daily walks … do you know exactly how far you have walked??? LOL

Mercedes: I calculated the miles over the summer and it was from here to LA and back! So now I’m guessing we made a return trip to LA and back yet again! The walks keep me sane.

OTS Staff: We love your walks!!! Keep posting.

OTS Staff: Greatest wish for 2021?

Mercedes: To go to a concert or sporting event again!!!

OTS Staff: Ok you and me ASAP … Post Malone!!!

Mercedes: YESSSSSS!!!

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie?

Mercedes: My hubby @aactionmatt. His IG is an assortment of his photography, memes, news, and family. It’s like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get ????

OTS Staff: We love Matt !!! Thx you, darling you are an amazing BFF.

Mercedes: Love you, love your IG, and holding you to our date with Posty!

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