Get to Know Our Insta BFF @LasVegasFill the Lobster King

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and go down the rabbit hole? Meet @LasVegasFill

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: By day, you are …

@LasVegasFill: A social media manager. I handle IG accounts for some of my favorite restaurants in the city, so I’m editing pics and videos while also talking about marketing strategies and upcoming events.

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Philip Tzeng: A glutton? Haha! I’m literally out every night at a different restaurant trying out all the delicious food!

OTS Staff: You make us hungry nonstop!!!! We love your content.

Philip Tzeng: Thanks! The pleasure is all mine for real. ????

OTS Staff: How many years on Insta?

Philip Tzeng: I’ve been posting food since late 2016 but really started taking it seriously about a year after that.

OTS Staff: Your wife is frequently in your content … what does she think of your new life path? ????

Philip Tzeng: She’s all for it now and is the biggest help to me. It’s definitely an unusual career path, but she’s been super supportive the entire way.

OTS Staff: Do you think it’s funny when people call you by your handle?

Philip Tzeng: Not anymore, but it was initially. I find it more funny when people start their emails or DMs with “Hi, Fill”!

OTS Staff: LOL!!!! Very clever name, though, so no one forgets your real one … we promise to respect the PH.

Philip Tzeng: Someone actually had lasvegasphil so I couldn’t have it, and lvphil is the Philharmonic!

OTS Staff: Oh yea!!! You are a symphony of culinary delights. ????

OTS Staff: First post?

Philip Tzeng: So it’s hard to cycle back to the actual post, but first IG foodie event I ever went to was @shangartisannoodle, so it was probably a noodle pull of some sort!

OTS Staff: Nothing better than a noodle pull. ????

Philip Tzeng: I love when I’m out at a noodle spot and see other people shooting pulls.

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Philip Tzeng: It was Alaskan King Crab from @joesseafood to the tune of 65K likes. This had everything to do with my wife @shesjapanese making the food look so good! She’s a huge reason why my account does so well as she’s basically my foodie muse with all the styling and food action.

OTS Staff: It’s always better with a partner in crime!!! OK, and she’s so fit … is she really eating all that?????

Philip Tzeng: She works out like a beast at Trufusion. I wish I could say the same about myself. ????

Philip Tzeng: But, yes, we do eat everything we post. Our fridge is an insane collection of leftovers at all times.

Philip Tzeng: I go out for dinner probably at least five nights a week, but seven isn’t unusual, either. Dinner at home is usually leftovers from previous nights. @shesjapanese is a great cook, though, but it’s pretty rare for her to do something these days.

OTS Staff: The struggle is real!!! Are there certain days you go out and certain days you eat at home??? You can’t possibly go out every night.

OTS Staff: OK, us, too, usually just trying to keep up with you!

OTS Staff: OK … how’d you get so many followers, and does it ever scare you so many people are watching???

Philip Tzeng: It wasn’t one big thing that happened but a lot of small things that all came together. I tried to go to spots that a lot of foodies weren’t going to while giving an honest opinion about the experience. Several posts went viral, which led them back to my account, and they mainly consisted of lobster and crab. ????

Philip Tzeng: Some people call me the lobster king. ????

OTS Staff: Sidebar … how do you make those Golden Steer lobsters look so good and shiny????

Philip Tzeng: The number of followers doesn’t affect me. This is just what I do, and I’d probably do it even without social media. I would definitely still be dining out and doing all this anyway, I think. Lots and lots of butter!!! I love @goldensteerlv‼️

Philip Tzeng: They already look great as they are, we just upped the quantity! This one is ridiculous! I probably wouldn’t have half the followers I do now without lobster.

OTS Staff: TikTok or nah?

Philip Tzeng: 100% yes! I don’t do a great job on it as I should, but the impact of TikTok is real and instant. So many restaurants have been impacted by foodies on TikTok, and there are so many great accounts. IG reels only exists because TikTok was doing so well.

OTS Staff: Who’s your fave follow on insta and Tik?

Philip Tzeng: I am going to be crucified if I only pick one. But on IG, I seriously love the work that @happytummy_702 has done with her cooking videos. They’re seriously amazing.

Philip Tzeng: SO many good ones on TikTok.

Philip Tzeng: @thelasvegasfoodie @hookedlv @tallzz_The voice-over TikTok posts are really where it’s at, and they all excel at it and put the audience into their experience.


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♬ Stay with me by Miki Matsubara – Smongy

Philip Tzeng: I also love @vegasissues for some real laughs!

OTS Staff: The best!!!! Who’s in your DMs?

Philip Tzeng: It’s primarily people seeking advice on where to eat. I’m like the Siri/Alexa of dining out.

OTS Staff: OK, what’s your top suggestion right now … you only get one and first place that comes to mind?

Philip Tzeng: Large group dining is my favorite thing ever, and @momofukulasvegas is my place on the Strip!

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie … Who does Phil follow?

Philip Tzeng: My friend Mimi @hei02miyachi was actually the one responsible for me getting on IG in the first place. I would not have signed up when I did or done anything had she not reached out and told me about it. I used to be Mr. Yelp and only that!

OTS Staff: ⭐️ for her!!!!! Thank you fill I mean phil LOL. ????

Philip Tzeng: Thank you for this! Super fun!

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