Get to Know Our InstaBFF @Meganfazio

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and 'go down the rabbit hole'? Meet a Las Vegas PR queen

@OTS Staff: By day you are…

@meganfazio: CEO of the coolest boutique PR firm around, @neonpublicrelations

OTS Staff: By night you are …

Megan Fazio: (Probably still working) but I’m also a workout enthusiast—I never skip a day, wannabe Joanna Gaines, part-time health nut, full-time adventure connoisseur, audiobook and podcast aficionado, and the in-house beauty, fashion, and Instagram caption consultant for my tribe.

OTS Staff: Oooo sidebar … what podcast are you crushing on right now?

Megan Fazio: Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us!

OTS Staff: Excellent choice. Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming. How many years on Insta?

Megan Fazio: Circa 2012—the year I started Neon PR.

OTS Staff: Early bird.

Megan Fazio: Always ????

OTS Staff: First post?

Megan Fazio: 841 post scrolls later … PHEW … a photo of a girlfriend and I at Surrender Las Vegas (OMG) the week I moved out here from Texas.

OTS Staff: Top post? And why do you think it broke the internet?

Megan Fazio: Proud to say I have always kept my heels ON while in nightclubs and through the casino floor to valet.

Coincidentally, a photo and caption I almost didn’t post, which is not-so-coincidentally probably why it got so much feedback. I talk about how I struggle to post personal content that doesn’t tie into my career (because my following is a mix of clients, colleagues and friends—some I know, some I don’t) but then I decided the reason why I’m disciplined in my career is due to my discipline outside of it, too (and then cue the photo of my abs heard ‘round the world, and by that I mean 1,000 people ☺ )

OTS Staff: Ok, we need to see.

Megan Fazio:

OTS Staff: Omg … those abs!!!! ????????

OTS Staff: Do you ever do an Insta detox and if so how long?

OTS Staff: Why do you love Insta?

Megan Fazio: Personally, because it’s an outlet for creativity. Professionally, because as the lines between social media and PR become more and more blurred, it’s a platform for brands to reach their audiences. It’s given my team and I one more ways to tell our clients’ stories outside of press releases and our relationships with media.

OTS Staff: Wait so back to the abs … How long did it take to get those???  Can I buy a pair somewhere?

Megan Fazio: Haha! I’ve been an athlete my whole life, but that’s not totally fair… . Living here and having the best of the best of fine dining (and the alcohol that comes with the many, many events) at your fingertips will pack on the lbs. You can buy them, but it will be at the cost of a good trainer ????????

OTS Staff: Wowzee you are goals in every way … we can’t live without your abs, but can you live without Insta???

Megan Fazio: Blushing over here, thank you!

And definitely. I’m what they call an ‘elder millennial’ which means we remember what phones with cords looked like. We can make it through anything.

(She also follows @quentin.quarantino for great memes!)

OTS Staff: Ok, now here’s the million dollar question, Tik Tok or Nah?

Megan Fazio: I dabble. Again for work. 

Speaking of which. I recently watched a TikTok ‘creator house’ out of LA stream live at one of our client properties—so that looked like 8 famous TikTok’ers ages 17 to 26 simultaneously on their respective accounts in the same room with trend music playing for an hour while their fans logged on and paid them money to stream live, WILD.

Megan Fazio: Complete with their own ring lights and iPhone stands. Shout out Dream LA.

OTS Staff: That is wild!!!!

Megan Fazio: It was INSANE.

OTS Staff: Account you love to hate?

Megan Fazio: Oof. I just can’t. I shouldn’t. I guess I’ll say overly whiny influencers—like, mucho take it easy. But also, tell me more.

OTS Staff: ????

Megan Fazio: Indeed.

OTS Staff: Who’s in your DMs? On that note …

Megan Fazio: I only source if it’s for a client story ????

OTS Staff: ????

Megan Fazio: ????

OTS Staff: What’s your secret to a great ‘Gram?

Megan Fazio: I’m OCD with aesthetic so a good Lightroom filter copy + paste’d on all photos that make it to the grid is a must.

OTS Staff: Do you get approached for collaborations and if so how do you choose who to partner with?

Megan Fazio: Definitely. I only partner with brands where I either used their product prior or planned to purchase on my own before they reached out, or brands who will send their products out for me to try and THEN discuss partnership parameters if I like them. It drives me N U T S when I see skincare, haircare or workout supplement posts and we all know you should be tagging your surgeon or hairdresser who put your weave in.

OTS Staff: Fave collab right now?

Megan Fazio: I’m about to shoot for a collab with a brand called Cozy Earth (use code MEGANFAZIO40 ???? for 40% off!) which are the only sheets I’ve used since I saw them on Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2 years ago!

AND they just started making lounge wear out of the same material since so many of us are working from home these days. So now you can wear your sheets ????

OTS Staff: Sheets are so important … great choice! And lounge wear too.

OTS Staff: Greatest wish for 2021?

Megan Fazio: Equality—across the board and for people to stop acting crazy – across the board ✔️✔️

OTS Staff: Across the board, thx you.

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie?

Megan Fazio: @face_fwd —my best gf from Houston who has her own makeup line, which is ALL I use. You prob just won’t get the same deal as me ????

And from Vegas, it’s gotta be the swaggiest guy there ever was, @sammyglaser, the VP of Stitched and also my best bro in town!

OTS Staff: Lolz thx you but we luvs it! And we ❤️ you … you are the best!!! InstaBFF ????‍♀️

Megan Fazio: Thanks for having me.

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