Meet Celebrity Correspondent @RachelSmithVegas

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and go down the rabbit hole? Get to know Las Vegas' red carpet queen

By OTS Staff

@OTS Staff: By day, you are …

@RachelSmithVegas: I’m a TV host, entertainment correspondent, celebrity interviewer (via Zoom these days), film critic and technical MacGyver of sorts as I still try to navigate this home office situation.

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Rachel Smith: By night? Now you’re getting cheeky with the questions … LOL.

Rachel Smith: JK—by night I’m a movie watcher, tennis player, new boxing class student, wine enthusiast, avid reader and dreamer. ????

OTS Staff: Red or white??? Or bubbles?

Rachel Smith: Do I have to choose? ???? Honestly, I like all three, but a good buttery Chardonnay is my go to. So original, right?

Rachel Smith: 😉

OTS Staff: Oooooo, us, too!!!

Rachel Smith: Cheers!

OTS Staff: How many years on Insta?

Rachel Smith: Hmmm, not sure. ???? Let me look.


Rachel Smith: Wow, 12 years! That’s a lot of Backstreet Boys posts. (Although are there ever really too many?)

OTS Staff: First post?

Rachel Smith: It’s funny, I just happened to recently share this picture again as it was his 40th birthday. It was a picture of me interviewing Justin Timberlake at his movie premiere at Planet Hollywood. I guess that’s a fun way to enter the world of Instagram.

OTS Staff: Omg so cool … you have met everyone!!!

Rachel Smith: Haha, not everyone, but I have been incredibly lucky in my career to have met and interviewed some amazingly talented people. So grateful for the opportunities I’ve had.

OTS Staff: Who did you lose it for??? Like who made you just so nervous???

Rachel Smith: I think I was the most nervous starting out when I was going to interview my all-time favorites. There’s that saying that “you shouldn’t meet your heroes,” and that’s where my nervousness came from, just hoping they wouldn’t disappoint.

Rachel Smith: Thankfully, some of my absolute entertainment “heroes” more than lived up to the hype! Cher couldn’t have been kinder or more hilarious, Dolly Parton completely won me over with her candor even off-camera! She was wearing this amazing black leather jumpsuit, and I asked her how she stayed so tiny, and she said, “Well Rachel, I haven’t had a carb since 1970!”

Rachel Smith: Just an amazing moment that wasn’t captured on camera but one I’ll never forget. ????

OTS Staff: Dolly is life goals. ❤️ In every way. I want Cher to be my mom.

Rachel Smith: *And Olivia-Newton-John, I mean Sandy from “Grease” has become one of the loveliest people I have ever met! In fact, when my mom was going through breast cancer, she sent her a card and signed a special album just for her. ❤️

OTS Staff: That is so kind!!!

Rachel Smith: Agreed! Cher is the coolest, and I literally follow Dolly’s life lessons to a tee.

Rachel Smith: Dolly. ????

Rachel Smith: One can only hope. ???? I asked her if she had anything left to do in her career, and she said, “Yes, Robert Redford!” ????

OTS Staff: Omg!

Rachel Smith: I love how Insta can connect us all in unique, uplifting and amazing ways. I love the positive power of social media and what it can do to help make people feel less alone and also inspire us in so many creative ways. When it’s used in this capacity, I think it’s a wonderful resource, and it’s also given so many people a platform who would otherwise not be heard or celebrated in the same way.

OTS Staff: We agree, too!!! But … ❤️ can you live without it?

Rachel Smith: Can I live without it? Of course, but it is a fun way to keep up with people, and it’s becoming an increasingly essential part of the job, especially covering entertainment. I always try to let people know what great movies and shows are coming their way, which lately has become a huge focus spending so much more time at home. I literally got dozens of messages from people thanking me for turning them onto “Bridgerton” and by turning them on oh well you know. ????????????

Rachel Smith: I mean you have seen “The Duke,” right? ????

OTS Staff: ????????????????

OTS Staff: Do you ever do a detox, and, if so, how long?

Rachel Smith: I’ve never really taken any planned approach to social media whether that comes to posting or taking a break. Sometimes life just gets busy and you’re having fun and forget, which can be great, but I also like to see how my friends and family are doing and follow accounts that are positive and bring me joy.

OTS Staff: Healthy!!! Love that. ❤️ Fave follow, or shall we rephrase that … #MCM man crush Monday everyday???

Rachel Smith: Nice, I like how you think! 😉 For fave follow, honestly, I love any accounts like yours (@OfftheStrip) that celebrate our city and all the amazing things Las Vegas has to offer, especially on a local level.

Rachel Smith: @Vegas.Revealed is another great one along with @Vegas, and @LasVegasFill does an awesome job covering the restaurant scene.

Rachel Smith: Outside Las Vegas, two of my favorite accounts include @Nikki_Makeup, this amazing British beauty expert. Her tutorials are incredible and she has the most soothing voice, it’s almost like accidental ASMR. The other account I just love is @AnaNewYork, a phenomenal photographer who truly captures the magic of travel.

Rachel Smith: Also @ChannelKindness is an account that just makes you feel good and gives you actual tools and resources to help on the days when you don’t. #MCM – right now my biggest crush is the eternally hot and cool Lenny Kravitz. ????

Rachel Smith: I mean he’s just got effortless swag and talent for days, plus he has real appreciation for women and seems to show respect and kindness to all. BIG fan. ???? *And he has a new autobiography out, THAT’s the next book I’m going to read!

OTS Staff: He’s so good-looking!!! At any age. Do you TikTok?

Rachel Smith: I literally just signed up but have yet to post anything, I need my nieces to help me, although I doubt they want to see Aunt Rachie breaking into a TikTock dance anytime soon!  ???? Even though I do have some smooth moves, hello anyone who’s seen me do the robot knows that!

OTS Staff: Your robot is legendary!!!

Rachel Smith: See! I didn’t even spell TikTok right. How unhip am I?! LOL. Oh thank you … once the clubs open up again, we’ll hit the dance floor. ????

OTS Staff: Las Vegas audience first got to know you as the multi-decade hostess of “More” on Fox 5 hitting all the red carpets and junkets around the world … now the film industry has gone virtual … what’s that like???

Rachel Smith: Yes, I can’t believe I’ve been covering entertainment here in Vegas for more than 15 years. It’s been a wonderful experience, but this last year has been the most challenging one ever for the entire industry.

Rachel Smith
: Still, I’ve been so impressed with how people have been able to pivot and keep things going the best they can. Instead of flying to the stars for interviews, we’re just doing them online, for now.

Rachel Smith: It’s not the same as in-person, but it’s actually created some very intimate and memorable moments, literally interviewing these major celebrities from their homes.

Rachel Smith: Knowing I’m from Vegas, it seems all the stars have questions about how our city is doing. They can’t wait to take a trip here and want my insight on the shows, restaurants … the upcoming Usher residency seems to be an especially hot topic of late.

OTS Staff: What’s your fave celeb insta?

Rachel Smith: Haha, David Spade. I call him “the funniest man on the Gram,” a title he really enjoyed, by the way, during our last interview. ???? I mean I don’t really like “The Bachelor,” but I love Spade’s commentary about the show. It’s priceless, trust me.

OTS Staff: Is he is your DMs ???? ?

Rachel Smith: Right?! He actually brought his tour to Vegas two years ago and played at the Palms, and he was incredible!!! Just ask Jason Feinberg, he went with me and agreed that Rick is amazing live! Rick or Jason? LOL.

OTS Staff: Both!!! Who’s in your DMs, missy???

Rachel Smith: Neither one like that.

Rachel Smith: Hmmm, are you asking me who’s “slid into my DMs”? 😉 A lady never tells, but I will confess without naming names there have been a few famous fellas who have slid in, which still surprises me but will definitely make a great chapter for my book one day.

OTS Staff: Can’t wait for the book!!!

Rachel Smith: Still hoping Lenny will one day. … It’s in progress and will possibly be juicier than people might imagine. Is that a good teaser?

OTS Staff: For sure. ❤️ For sure. Greatest wish for 2021?

Rachel Smith: It sounds cliché, but I’m just wishing we can all have a much better year than 2020. I’m truly hoping our hard-hit city can soon return to the thriving place we all know and love. On a personal note, I can’t wait to see my family again. I’ve never had an entire year where I haven’t seen my mom or twin sister or nieces and nephew, and it’s now been 14 months, which has been really difficult. Can’t wait to be reunited with them.????

OTS Staff: Wow!!!! So true

Rachel Smith: ❤️ Thank goodness people here in Las Vegas feel like family to me and show so much love and support in every way.

OTS Staff: Wowzee! That’s a moment! OK, last q … tag a bestie!

Rachel Smith: Instead of a bestie, I’d love to tag two “bestie charities.” @TRFdotOrg, the foundation started by Vegas band Imagine Dragons that helps pediatric cancer families. @BestBuddiesNV is also close to my heart. I’ve been a “buddy” to an amazing young woman with Down syndrome for 12 years now. I met Michelle when she was just 19, and we became buddies while I was profiling this amazing program, which creates one-on-one friendships for people with special needs.

Rachel Smith: Both charities are doing incredible things to keep their efforts going during the pandemic, so I’d love to show them some social media support. ❤️????

OTS Staff: We love this, and we love you! Always a positive, bright light! Thx you for all you do!!!

Rachel Smith: Awwww, thank you. Appreciate being your Insta BFF and really love all you’re doing to support our wonderful community. ????????❤️ Thanks again. ☺️

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