Hot Spot Wraps and Massage Helps Clients Reach Weight Goals

Affordable monthly membership program and packages are available

Antyonett Santana started Hot Spot Wraps and Massage to help people. After practicing massage therapy for over a decade in Las Vegas, she left corporate companies to open her own business. Whether a client is looking to lose weight or start keto diet coaching, through her work she aims to help people feel happier in their own skin.

“Off the Strip” chats with Santana about her career, her services and how she envisions her business to blossom in the future.

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What inspired you to open Hot Spot Wraps and Massage?

I started off as a massage therapist and doing massage back in 2008. And after putting all [that time in] different companies, I realized that renting for myself was the best option. At the same time, I found my way in the infrared heat therapy treatments that I experienced, loved and wanted to share. I added that to the menu and quickly saw personal dramatic results. I loved to share that experience and help others reach their body and weight loss goals.

What’s the most dramatic result you’ve witnessed from a client’s body wrap experience?

The most dramatic [result] I’ve seen was one client experienced a 15 pound weight loss the following two weeks [after] a single FIT body wrap session. That was amazing. Not everyone experiences that dramatic result. But in the long term, personally, I had lost 80 pounds over the course of a year when I first opened up. Then, I closed the business for a little while and gained some weight back. Now, over the last year since reopening, I’ve lost 60 pounds. And I’ve helped hundreds of women to lose hundreds of pounds and inches since we’ve been open at this location.

Wow! How does the body wrap work? And how does it help a client lose weight?

For a FIT Body Wrap, you’re going to come in and get completely undressed. You’re gonna spray your body with a fit booster spray that’s gonna enhance your results and increase the microcirculation in the skin. And also help boost your metabolism. After you spray your body, you’re going to put on a thick coat, which is like a big onesie. You’re going to lay on the massage table in a sleeping bag type thing that’s lined with the infrared heating elements. You’ll lay on the table for 60 minutes and that gentle infrared heat penetrates deeply to melt fat, toxins, cellulite [and] all that kind of stuff. You’ll purge a lot of it out during the session by sweating.

From Hot Spot Wraps and Massage’s Facebook

We definitely encourage you to drink plenty of water for, during and after your session. But after you leave, you’re going to continue to produce sweat that contains up to 20 percent fats and toxins for up to 24 hours after you leave. Regular sweat contains only three to five percent toxins and fat. This is a much more effective and potent fat content leaving your body. You’re also going to eliminate what we melt during the session through other lymphatic natural draining processes such as using the restroom and again, sweating.

Why do you think the keto diet has become so popular?

I think the reason it’s so popular is that it is extremely effective and extremely maintainable. A lot of people’s biggest problem is that they don’t have time to meal prep. When you get your body into a state of ketosis, you actually don’t get hungry as often.

We also encourage intermittent fasting, which is where you only have a small window [of]six to eight hours of the day which you eat. When you’re not eating so often throughout the day, your body isn’t using so much energy to process the food and can focus on burning off the fat storages. And when your body is in ketosis that’s what it’s running off of is the fat storages. That way they are constantly burning fat even without exercise. As a certified keto coach, we offer diet and activity cleanse to help keep you on track. 

Are you on the keto diet?

Yeah, I started the keto diet in March. And I will tell you, it’s made the weight so much easier to lose. The 60 pounds that I’ve lost in the last 12 months. From August to March, it was only about 10 or 15. And then from March until now, it’s been the rest, so the other 40 to 45 pounds. The keto is a major part of it that we highly encourage, but it is not the only diet option. We are completely flexible and we don’t force that on anybody. It’s just an option that we have seen and know personally works. 

What’s your most popular service? Why do you think it’s the one most clients pick?

The FIT Body Wrap is definitely the most popular. I feel like it’s the most popular because one, it’s extremely effective since you feel and see an immediate ongoing result and also it’s good for almost everyone. There are no BMI or weight restrictions.

Before and After image from 15 FIT Body Wrap Sessions

There is just a list of medical concerns that we do ask you to double check and make sure that you don’t have any of the medical contraindications. But as long as you’re in good health, pretty much everybody is a good candidate and it is an extremely enjoyable and relaxing treatment. It’s handsfree so nobody is touching you. You are just laying on the table relaxing and getting a dramatic result.

What are some other treatments you offer at Hot Spot Wraps?

We offer Cryo Facials, which tighten, tone and firm the skin on the face and neck and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We can also do cellulite treatments [using Cryo]. If you have cellulite on your legs, arms or stomach we do a spot treatment on that. It is also an anti-aging treatment.

What are Cryoskin Services? Cryo treatments eliminate fat cells by shocking and freezing them, then the body expels the liquified fat cells naturally through the lymphatic draining system over the course of two weeks after a session. Besides Cryo facials, they also offer Cryo-Slimming and Cryo-Toning.

Additionally, We can accommodate couples to enjoy two FIT Bodywraps in the same room at the same time, or two different treatments like FIT Bodywrap + massage or Cryoskin service, or two massages at the same time (in separate rooms).

We customize bridal party packages to fit the Party’s needs and budget, and bridal parties of five or more, BRIDE is FREE! Packages start as little as $499 per person for two services each (1 body Cryoskin + 1 Cryofacial or chin slimming) and can be customized as desired. 

What do you love about having a business located in Las Vegas?

I love getting to help Las Vegas locals. I meet a range of people, there are so many different professions out here, so it’s so exciting to see all the different people who are interested in looking and feeling their best. There is never a dull moment out here. 

Can you please share more about your personal experiences with the body wrap treatments and services you offer?

Yes, I struggled personally with weight for most of my life. Opening the Hot Spot Wraps and Massage was the first time I actually reached my goal weight in my life. That was life changing personally. And just being able to share that experience with others and help others reach their goal weight and see what that feels like is just truly my main passion and why I love doing what I do. To me, it’s a very vulnerable position to put myself out there. We all have a before, so it’s just sharing it so that someone out there can benefit from seeing it. 

Founder of Hot Spot Body Wraps and Massage Antyonett Santana

What makes your body wrap services more affordable compared to your competitors?

We offer a monthly membership and packages to make it really affordable as well as we offer in-house financing. So instead of considering a $10,000 or $12,000 tummy tuck, you can consider a 10 or 20 pack to get started instead of $10,000 to $12,000, you are looking to only spend a couple thousand dollars. When you break that down into the payments, the payments are only a few hundred dollars, $300 to $500. It’s more realistic than people having to spend thousands of dollars. 

What memorable experiences have you had with clients that have stayed with you and continue motivating you to keep doing what you do?

When people pretty much say exactly what I’ve felt when they look me in my eyes and tell me that I truly helped them and that they’ve never looked or felt this good. That truly stays with me every time. That’s what keeps me going and that’s definitely my biggest motivation. I’ve had younger people, I’ve had older people, but everybody just wants to feel and look their best in their own skin. I’m really thankful to be able to help them with that. 

What are some misconceptions people often have about body wrap treatments?

I think people’s biggest hesitation is that it seems too good to be true. The other hesitation is the patience of actually trusting the process and staying [on] the course. But when people do trust the process, stay the course [and] complete the personal responsibilities doing their part outside of here [by] maintaining a clean diet and a moderate level of exercise  or activity, we do see dramatic results that happen pretty quickly. Most people will see an immediate result, but your final result isn’t until two weeks after your session. 

What would you like to see your business look like five years from now?

Five years from now, I would like to see my business franchised and see that we are all in 50 states helping even more people to reach their weight loss and wellness goals in complete comfort. I know personally how hard it can be and that’s why we offer assistance in every aspect. [We do more than] just treatments, we also encourage and offer Keto coaching to help keep you on a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. I think just being able to help people is the most important thing for us. 

Hot Spot Wraps and Massage is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and located at 1520 W. Sunset Road Suite 130, Henderson, NV 89014. Guests must make appointments. A second location specializing in body contouring is slated to open on November 1, 2021. 

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