Las Vegas Businessman Creates Nirmy to Help Brands Get Discovered

Boost your brand’s awareness for free with this new app

By Melissa Gill

“The most compelling value proposition is that [Nirmy] automatically surfaces your business,“ says Mick Riego, founder of Nirmy, pronounced ‘near me,’ a new app designed for businesses to connect with clients that is “100 percent brand safe.”

According to Statista, 82 percent of smartphone users searched for shops “near me” in a 2018 survey. Riego caught on to a trending consumer need that his new app caters to effortlessly. 

How Nirmy Benefits Businesses

Nirmy is an app that is business centric, but also gives customers an easier way to find a service or shop that isn’t far from home. Features of the app include: graphic tile interface, brand safety, GPS-only search, instant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and creative, functional freedom. 

The graphic tile interface, which aesthetically resembles a social media platform, was inspired by Instagram, says Riego. When businesses pop-up on the app, they appear as an image in an eye-catching grid. Businesses can modify their profiles to keep up with new trends, seasonal offers and update their content in a split-second.

What Makes Nirmy Stand Out

However, unlike Instagram or Yelp, Nirmy isn’t a crowdsourcing app which means users can’t upload pictures or reviews to the app. This space is more like a convenient and interactive business search engine.

Instead, app users can click the like button on a business’ listing to receive direct promotions within the app, send business referrals to friends via Nirmy, check-in once every 24 hours and add businesses to their Bucket List. The Bucket List will also notify Nirmy users if a business they want to visit is nearby and offer a route to get them there from wherever they are at that moment. This function is not only helpful for locals, but also for tourists visiting Las Vegas. 

Save Time and Energy Using Nirmy

Outside of the promotions sent to the person who is interested in the brand they like, the app doesn’t bombard users with ads or collect user data for profit. For those who prefer a more private database, this is it!

Riego has 17 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry which he applied to his new app. He says that when he moved to Las Vegas he was looking for a physician and was searching through endless pages of links. He wanted to see the doctor’s face, their work experience and get a better understanding of his options. This was extremely time consuming and he says he could have benefited from an app like Nirmy.

His Nirmy app includes profile photos of each business and even live wait times for the nearest Emergency Room and hospital. Additionally, prescriptions can be filled from inside the app at Walgreens. These added features are not only useful, but could potentially be life saving. 

Another benefit of using Nirmy is that it saves memory space on phones. Instead of having countless apps for multiple businesses, Nirmy only uses 50 megabytes while giving clients the ability to search dozens of businesses in one app. And the businesses that aren’t within a reasonable travel distance are already eliminated from the search with its GPS only search engine. Watch a demo of the app below.

Clients don’t have any control over the brand’s image like other apps that allow people to tag their businesses in photos, add fake check-ins or go “trolling” the review section. 

In the future, Riego plans on the app also implementing a voice search, global reach, and a search filter ranking business popularity. The app is fairly new and growing. Right now, it is free for businesses to sign up for 12 months. After the free trial ends, it will only cost businesses $20 per month to maintain their spot on Nirmy.

This marketing resource helps generate awareness without a business owner ever needing to worry about surfacing through a saturated sea of SEO. Business owners “self-assign keywords” in the app and can change them as often as they want. Brick and mortar stores and online shops can both utilize the app to gain more traffic on their websites. 

“Everytime I see more tiles launching [businesses] I get excited,” says Reigo, “Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar store, [brands] can be discovered on Nirmy.”

To download the app, visit here.

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