Las Vegas’ Hypnotic Indie-Rock Band Embarks on their First-Ever DIY Tour

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By Zoneil Maharaj

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For a young band, Desert Bloom is already making huge waves.

The indie-rock trio, composed of 18-year-old’s Xavier (drums), Kameron (keys/bass) and Kennedy (guitar), formed three years ago while Kameron and Xavier were students at Las Vegas Academy; Kennedy was a childhood friend. Since then, they’ve sold out shows and seen runaway streaming success.

Their song, “Shut Up: It’s Showtime,” has clocked nearly 400,000 spins on Spotify thanks to their playful, pop-forward sound. Now, they’re ready to rock our DTLV Fieldtrip concert this Saturday, July 3 at Fergusons Downtown before embarking on their first-ever DIY tour.

“It’s important to roll with the punches,” Kameron says of their rapid ascent. “Things rarely go the way we want them to, so I believe a big part of our ‘success’ is adamance. We’re constantly trying new things.”

That experimentation has made for some bold and diverse music, from the frenetic and swirly guitar licks of retro-pop jaunt “Shut Up: It’s Showtime” to the bouncy and hypnotic groove of “Paid Vacation” to the anthemic “Throw Me a Bone.” Their infectious songs are perfect for summertime playlists and will live rent-free in your head long after the first listen.

If their trajectory thus far is any indication, Desert Bloom may be as big as their influences. Citing Vampire Weekend, Wallows and The Strokes among their inspirations, Desert Bloom have carved their own lane in the Las Vegas music scene. Named after a local park, the trio is extremely hands-on, doing everything from booking their own shows to mixing and mastering their own music.

“Without a team behind us, booking this tour myself was exhausting,” Kameron says.

The band is keeping things DIY for now, but hopes to sign with a label and bring their sound to a wider audience — not that they need it. They’ve done just fine on their own.

“We hope one day we’ll be able to do what we love for the rest of our lives,” Kameron says. “It’d be an honor to quit our day jobs and be Desert Bloom full-time.”

See them live July 3 at Fergusons alongside Indigo Rose, Beverly Chillz and Gregory Michael Davis. For FREE tickets, visit here.

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