Meet Kingston Affronti, the ‘King’ of Toddler Swag

King shares what it's like being a Las Vegas baby right now

By OTS Staff

He may only be 2, but Kingston Francis Affronti, is a Las Vegas baby with an unparalleled sense of style. Quite simply, he gets it from his Mommy, the stunning Erika Affronti; and his Daddy, Brian Affronti, Drai’s managing partner. OffTheStrip talks with King, about what it’s like to be a Las Vegas baby right now—navigating home school, dressing for quarantine cuteness and how he maintains all his cool rides.

What is your favorite outfit?

Since quarantine happened, it would be a vintage or designer tee with a stylish jogger. When we go out, I always have an essential hat. I’m known for wearing snap backs and beanies all year round.

How do you describe your style?

My Mommy calls it versatile and effortlessly cool—from a laid back, relaxed look to a high fashion streetwear look. Both looks are done with “toddler swag,” as my family and friends would say. 

When’s the right time for babies to join TikTok or Insta? Have you jumped in the game?

This world has been really crazy so Mommy and Daddy have decided to keep my videos and pictures private to only our family and followers. Although, once I start speaking full sentences and playing sports/extracurricular activities, my parents are open to the suggestion.

What’s the best toy you own and why?

This is a tough one. If it’s not one of my motorized cars, motorcycles or my Baby Shark ride, it would have to be my Kidzone electric bumper car. I like to drive around in it all over the house which annoys my dog Daisy. I’m such a lucky boy to have all my cool toys.

Home school or nah?

Yes! Every day I learn with Mommy. From flash cards, puzzles, activity books to learning how to write on my iPad, to just counting and speaking out loud with our everyday activities. Mommy always makes it fun. But my parents have been currently looking into preschool lately, which I am so excited about. 

Vegas Golden Knights or Las Vegas Raiders?

Golden Knights! My parents took me to multiple games even before I could walk. In full Knights gear, of course. They actually took me ice skating for the first time last month and I loved it. So I’m definitely going to enroll in a hockey league. 

What do you do for fun?

For fun I have play dates with my Mommy’s friends kids or my cousin. Sometimes we go play in the park. But what I love to do is arts and crafts with Mommy. My favorite things to do are paint, draw and color. My family thinks I’m quite the artist. 

Best and worst thing about being quarantined?

Best thing is having all my family around me all the time. The quality time we spent together is irreplaceable. The worst is not being able to travel or even go to any event or concert. We had bought multiple tickets this quarantine that have been cancelled. I’m still upset that the Baby Shark Live concert was cancelled. My parents bought front row seats and a meet and greet with the Shark family.

What’s a snack you cannot put down?

I love fruits! But veggie crackers and carrots sticks have been my go to snack lately. Mommy makes me a plate everyday. My favorite fruits are mangoes and apples.

Where do you shop?

Zara, H&M, Target and Neiman Marcus are where you can usually find Mommy and I shopping together. Since Mommy is an avid online shopper, she buys a lot of my clothes online. or to name a few. A lot of boutique shops on Etsy are where we find my custom gear. We also love supporting small businesses. 

Who’s your favorite? Mom or Dad?

Are you trying to get me in trouble?! Lol. Well, Mommy is my favorite person to have my daily adventures with, including shopping and doing my arts and crafts. Daddy is my favorite to snuggle with, when I’m tired or it’s bedtime, I like rubbing Daddy’s head. 

Career aspirations?

An astronaut. This past Halloween I had the full costume with all the accessories. I have a spaceship tent and I pretend to fly to Mars all the time. I like to be silly and wear the helmet around the house, too. We also have a telescope where we look at the stars at night and Daddy likes to tell me stories about outer space. 

Wish for the New Year …

My wish for the New Year is that COVID goes away and for the normalcy of life to return; for everyone to go back to work and for all the kids to go back to school. And then, of course, being able to travel, go to events and concerts and for everyone to be happy and healthy. I just want to hug people and see new things. 

What’s your favorite children’s charity?

My Daddy and Drai’s team, along with some of their local supporters, have been involved in Drai’s Cares, where among other causes, they provide less fortunate local school kids with hundreds of back packs full of school supplies. We also donated time and clothing to the NPHY—Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

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