New Year, New Us: Off The Strip’s 2023 Resolutions

Off The Strip is here to encourage you to establish New Year's resolutions and goals

Many people make a list of resolutions to help them kick off the new year. Others may be perfectly content with where their lives are headed. Regardless of whatever category you now fall under, research suggests that making small or big feasible goals may boost happiness.

Off The Strip’s staff has compiled a list of 2023 resolutions to help motivate you (like we previously did for 2022). In 52 weeks, remind us to report back to see if we fulfilled our self-prophecies or took another route.

Melinda Sheckells

Make a schedule, live a routine, make my deadlines—and then I will throw it all out the window and go rogue when that gets boring. Starting my 16th year in Las Vegas and I know that anything is possible and to expect the unexpected!

Melissa Gill

This coming year, I will maintain a healthier lifestyle, which includes more exercise. And I will embark on more local adventures. I want to explore Rhyolite Ghost Town, visit the Mob Museum and attend a Vegas Golden Knights game. Lastly, I’m going to write more narrative journalism.

Jen Avison Smith

Look. This is the last year of my twenties. Since my career plan has “thirty, flirty and thriving” written in as a Q4 goal, I’m treating 2023 like the world’s biggest warm-up into the rest of my life. 

My resolutions are to:

  1. Get in shape—better shape than I’m in now, which is something like a pear on thick stilts.
  2. Eliminate all food waste in my house. That means no throwing away drunk air fryer tater tots in the fridge because I have emotions about them.
  3. Catapult my career to new heights. I want to continue what I’m doing, just more of it and better.
  4. Maybe I’ll go blonde. I don’t know. Stand by.

Bob Barnes

In 2023, I will continue to be a champion of our local breweries and shine a spotlight on how worthy of praise Southern Nevada breweries are. Although we have some catching up to do with other cities’ craft brew scenes, I believe the quality of our local breweries equals or surpasses many communities of our size or larger. I’ll also continue my series on women in brewing titled The Women Who Brew Las Vegas, with features on co-owner/operators, brewers and operations managers. Five have been posted so far. Expect several more to come in the new year.

Jason R. Latham

After going 2-for-3 with my 2022 resolutions (I learned to play saxophone and got three new tattoos; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get Sugar Ray to play my birthday party), I’m raising the stakes in 2023.

This upcoming year I’m going to learn to surf, because it’s never too late to be Keanu Reeves in “Point Break.” Also, I’m going to learn how to pole dance, for no particular reason other than it’s a new thing. Third, I’m going to do standup comedy. And fourth, I want to get into catalog modeling. Like a Banana Republic spread or something. Not sure how one becomes a catalog model, but I haven’t done it yet, so let’s give it a shot. If there’s any time left over, I’ll DM Mark McGrath about my birthday party.

Samantha Gemini Stevens

  1. I am trying to develop better habits for taking care of myself while still doing all the things I want to do—and I mean to include more writing in that. It is my passion to keep talking about Las Vegas food and beverage and how this industry does so much for the community in which it lives and breathes. I am a two-time cancer survivor and struggle with chronic health issues, so finding that balance is better for both my personal wellness and the work I adore. 
  2. I also want to work on my language skills to be a better traveler and community communicator. 
  3. I want to read at least 10 new books in 2023. I find myself leaning on old favorites and want to expand both my library and my exposure to new writing.
  4. Finally, I want to make my planned home remodel a reality! We have the drawings for an epic new kitchen and dining-sunroom, as well as a combination prep kitchen and “butler’s pantry.” We love to entertain and all the changes we have planned will help us better facilitate our favorite gatherings!

Toni Gonzales

I am 100% consistent with regard to my New Year’s resolution. Consistent in that I always end up giving up my resolutions for Lent. In 2023, I resolve to say “yes” more to new opportunities. I resolve to listen to my gut 100% of the time—especially when my gut is full of chips and salsa. I resolve to tell more stories from my community and to shed light on those who are doing the same. I resolve to help more dogs get rescued from Korean meat farms. I resolve to show people I love them rather than tell them. And finally, I resolve to let my New Year’s resolution go well past Lent, even into Cinco de Mayo!

Josh Bell

No matter how many movies I see, my resolution is always to see more movies, especially from past decades. I’ve made film-related resolutions before, including a pledge to watch one movie a week that was made before I was born, and I’d like to find time to dedicate to that again, even as I’m obligated to watch seemingly every terrible new release. Check me out on Letterboxd to see if I can stick to that plan.

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