Get to Know Our Insta BFF Pageant Coach Tianna Tuamoheloa

Ever find someone cool on Instagram and 'go down the rabbit hole'? Meet the inspiring former Miss Nevada and Pageant Consultant, Tianna

Off The Strip Staff: Hi Tianna! Will you be our Insta BFF?

@TiannaTuamoheloa: I would love to! ????

OTS Staff: By day, you are …

Tianna Tuamoheloa: Oooh, that’s a good one! By day, I am—as of lately—a busy body always looking to scratch items off my to-do list like building my pageant consulting business!

OTS Staff: By night, you are …

Tuamoheloa: By night, I am doing my best to completely shut off and have me-time! From running a bath to indulging in my favorite shows while in bed.

Tuamoheloa: Doesn’t always happen though???? My brain constantly wants to work, work, work!

OTS Staff: Self-care is so important, but it can be challenging to turn off work mode at times. How does having a social media platform affect your pageant consulting business? What are the pros and cons of it?

Tuamoheloa: Social media has completely helped @tiannaconsulting! As a former titleholder, social has really been the only way I’ve been able to connect with women seeking services as well as promote my services! The only con would be keeping up with social media! Trying to grow a business while conducting business by myself has been the only “struggle”! I’m even considering hiring an assistant!

OTS Staff: It’s wonderful to hear how social media has helped your business. Keeping up with social media definitely can be challenging at times. How many years have you been on Instagram?

Courtesy of Tianna Tuamoheloa

Tuamoheloa: I believe since I was 19-20? So about TEN YEARS, wow!

OTS Staff: That’s amazing! Sounds like you have really seen how much the platform has changed and grown. What do you love most about Instagram?

Tuamoheloa: Personally, I look for content that inspires me! Whether that be to create, or laugh! I follow plenty of motivational accounts and comedians????

Tuamoheloa: Oh, and food accounts. I have somewhat of a fascination watching people specifically eat crab legs. ???????????? Really weird, but really satisfying, LOL!

OTS Staff: Haha! Yes, Instagram has such a wide variety of interesting content, including those crab leg videos ???? ???? If you could change one thing or add one feature to Instagram, what would it be and why?

Tuamoheloa: I don’t think I’d change much but I‘ve noticed my followers enjoy connecting through my stories so I’d probably want to add more fonts and features in story mode to make them more creative and eye-catching.

Courtesy of Tianna Tuamoheloa

OTS Staff: That would be a great way to add a more personalized touch to stories! We hope Zuck takes note of this idea.

OTS Staff: Earlier you mentioned that you like indulging in TV shows at night. Who is a character from a show you watch that is your favorite right now and why?

Tuamoheloa: I’m a huge “Law & Order SVU” fan! So I’ve been binging episodes from season one currently, and Olivia Benson in SVU is everything! She’s tough yet flawed, but will do anything to protect the victims. A type of person I believe our society would greatly benefit from! As an aspiring actress, I love studying the range of emotions in this show.

OTS Staff: Yes, that’s such a great show and character! Each episode features such a compelling story.

OTS Staff: What is your top Instagram post? And why do you think it almost broke the internet?

Tuamoheloa: That’s a good question! Let me look really quick!

Tuamoheloa: Ok sorry for the wait! Easily my top IG posts were from when I won Miss Nevada USA and when I made it into the Top 15 at Miss USA! I have a smaller following but everyone’s very supportive so those who follow me know how much of a dream come true those days were for me!

OTS Staff: It is so heartwarming to see your dreams come true! This is such an amazing accomplishment and an inspiration. When you won Miss Nevada, how did you celebrate?

Tuamoheloa: I won Miss Nevada USA, a couple weeks before my 26th birthday, so I celebrated with my first photoshoot as Miss NV! ???? I’m normally working on my birthdays, so it was the best gift ever.

OTS Staff: That’s so fun! What is something most people are surprised to learn about the pageant industry when they are first starting out?

Tuamoheloa: How HARD it is but fulfilling! It’s not easy to get on a stage in front of crowds of people but the life lessons learned from the preparation needed before a huge pageant is the real takeaway whether or not someone wins!

OTS Staff: TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Would you leave Insta for TikTok?

Courtesy of Tianna Tuamoheloa

Tuamoheloa: I wouldn’t! I’ve deleted and uploaded TikTok so many times it just seems so overwhelming, LOL!

OTS Staff: LOL! Yes, it can feel overwhelming at times, especially since trends change so fast.

Tuamoheloa: I can’t keep up with the trends, I’m always so late to the game????

OTS Staff: It is challenging to keep up! There’s so much happening on TikTok 🙂 What’s one of your favorite motivational quotes that has helped you through some hard times?

Tuamoheloa: I have so many IDK how I could choose! When I post, I like the caption to be more on the motivating side so I have a folder full of memes that I reference! Right now, my favorite is: “Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.” That’s a great reminder!

OTS Staff: That’s such a great one! I love that you keep a folder of motivational memes. That’s a good idea ???? What’s the secret to maintaining an eye-catching Instagram feed?

Tuamoheloa: I feel like I’m still figuring out that secret! LOL, it’s summer time so posts in bikinis or cute outfits have been what’s most eye-catching on my profile! With a motivational or funny caption, of course ????

OTS Staff: Tag a bestie or shout-out a local Instagram account that you love!

Tuamoheloa: @unlokt ???????? I love seeing the best foodie spots in town!

OTS Staff: Thank you so much for chatting with us!

Tuamoheloa: Will do! And thank you so much for the chat ????

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