Real Results Fitness Founder Releases His First Book ‘Real Nutrition’

'Real Nutrition' by Paul Rosenberg is about more than weight loss

By Melissa Gill

For Paul Rosenberg, founder and owner of Real Results Fitness, his life’s work runs deeper than just helping his clients lose weight. He’s in the business of helping people and that is what is most fulfilling to him.

“When people make a commitment [to the program] it forces them to face their demons,” says Rosenberg, “The [client’s] head has to be in the right place to do this or they won’t get the results they want.”

What is the “Real Nutrition” Program?

“Real Nutrition” simplifies how to eat healthier by setting three rules: what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat.

For the first rule, the text provides a bright colorful chart under, “Food Selections,” that lists all the different food groups and what to eat from them.

For the second rule, the book shares a diagram on how to portion food by measuring items on the food list with the hand like for fats it suggests to only eat the “size of the thumb” which is roughly 1 to 2 ounces.

When it comes to how many servings of each portion, the program suggests a formula “5/3/5/2” which translates to five protein servings, three carbohydrate servings, five vegetable servings and two fat servings. Because everyone has a different body type, Rosenberg says they adjust the program accordingly. It’s not a “one size fits all” kind of method.

The book also includes how to set goals, manage time, recipes, motivational quotes and explains in-depth details on health science. Inside “Real Nutrition,” the book provides spaces for the participant to jot down their progress and utilize it as a workbook. Clients also track their cardio and other lifestyle habits to include other health-related factors.

The images of transformations of clients who followed the program are very powerful visual testimonials.

Graphic designer, Cierra Pedro, who also trains at Real Fitness gym, created a clean, sleek layout for the book which makes it easy to digest large quantities of information.

Overall, the book gives the client or reader a well-rounded compilation of knowledge on the program that makes it easy enough for someone to follow on their own or use as a workbook for Rosenberg’s 12 Week Challenge.

Paul Rosenberg’s Fitness Journey

Before his book, “Real Nutrition,” came to fruition, Rosenberg’s interest in fitness began at age 15. He was extremely skinny and wanted to gain weight to impress the ladies (which he says doesn’t work). When his friend started gaining weight and he didn’t, something inside him sparked. He had to learn more.

Rosenberg recalls being a young adult pulling business cards off of bulletin boards at health food stores and prank calling fitness trainers. Everything changed when he called a physical trainer that connected with him on a deeper level. During their conversation, she saw he was passionate about health and how it brought him joy.

“At 19, I was a busboy at a Mexican restaurant going to college and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. This [fitness career] gave me a rush. I fell in love with it.”

He quit his job and dropped out of college to start training. He grew fulfilling relationships with his clients at the gym where he had worked. When he decided to leave his job at that gym to pursue his own fitness business, they followed him.

The Makings of the “Real Nutrition” Book and Program

His book, “Real Nutrition,” is the fifth iteration of the program. It’s more like a workbook, he emphasizes. All of the experiences, mentors and knowledge he’s gathered over years honing his craft now live on these pages. It wasn’t just a project conceived over three months from scratch, but a labor of love from dedicating his life to health and fitness. Rosenberg always knew he wanted to write a book.

“It was a long time dream to be a published author,” he says.”[My] objective with the newest book was focused on sustainability.”

He says after 15 to 18 years of utilizing the program and seeing positive results he knew he had developed a viable plan. Watching this book come to life, Rosenberg was “beyond stoked” and “felt he had a product capable of being on a bookshelf.”

Creating his book was a collaborative process with other trainers, writers, authors, graphic designers and more.

Before COVID hit, he had not been utilizing the program with his clients until the lead coach at his gym, Michael Hayden, suggested he reboot the program. This idea took Rosenberg on a “creative frenzy.”

“I’m really thrilled about the program and the book invigorated a passion in me.”

“Real Nutrition” is More Than A Book, It’s A Lifestyle

When someone signs up for the program, he says they are a “client for life.”

“I care and I want to see them improve and grow. People are making lifestyle changes that can last indefinitely. The work is more than just losing weight, they are growing as people.”

Rosenberg says his goals “gear towards eating for health.” When people dig deep to learn why they eat the way they eat, it brings to light other areas in their life that play significant roles in their health.

“When things get difficult, people quit and go back to comforts, sweep things under the rug or make adjustments and move forward. I don’t let them quit and go back to comfort. I provide support and accountability.”

The program is not one size fits all. The program adjusts formulas based on an individual’s needs. Clients learn how to moderate their food and set boundaries. They learn how to manage their time effectively.

“I don’t want people to sign up just to make a sale. It’s not fulfilling for me.”

He attributes his success to two major factors he puts into practice: self discipline and time management.

“When you’re caught in a cycle of indulgence [and] reawaken discipline in your life, it is amazing what discipline can do for you. It can seep into other areas of your life.”

Rosenberg says he runs his whole life on a schedule.

In his book, Rosenberg provides images of individuals who followed his program and achieved transformative results. He mentions his clients experiencing dramatic life changes after sticking to the program such as opening new businesses and starting new relationships. This happens often to Rosenberg’s clients who take his program to heart and do the work. After seeing this happen many times, he knew he had created something special.

“When you’re committed to your own growth, you see things in your life evolve that you didn’t expect,” says Rosenberg, “I teach what I want to learn. I’m in the business of helping people.”

Interested in buying a copy of “Real Nutrition” or signing up for the 12 Week Challenge? Visit here to learn more.

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