Say Hello to TikTok Superstar Baby Mavis—a Toddler of Many Trades

If you need someone to brighten your day, you’ll love Baby Mavis

By Melissa Gill

While we stayed home quarantining, Las Vegas local, Baby Mavis won the hearts of millions on TikTok. Her bright smile, bubble gum pink onesie and heartwarming giggle lifted our heavy spirits. Accompanied by her humorous parents, Choung Do and Jessie Atadero-Do, and Wild Boar (their dog), Baby Mavis quickly became an internet sensation. OffTheStrip talks with Mavis about TikTok, toy reviews and her wishes for the New Year.

How do you pick which outfit to wear for your TikTok videos?

Whatever mommy leaves out for daddy, otherwise it’s every baby for themselves!

Photo Credit: Choung Do

I noticed you wear the color pink a lot. What do you love about the color pink?

It’s the easiest color for my dad to pick. My mom is the one with sOda sense of style! Secret, sometimes mommy styles daddy. (“sOda” is my catch phrase … and if you follow me on TikTok you’ll love it too)

What’s your favorite photoshoot memory?

My expert ninja poker face. Daddy throwing me in the air is my weakness though.

  • Photo Credit: MBF Photography
  • Photo Credit: MBF Photography

You’ve reviewed some awesome toys. What’s your favorite toy and why?

My favorite toy is the V-Tech FunCube that my mommy bought for me on something called “Amazon.” I don’t know who “Amazon” is, but we seem to get things from them almost every day. I love the toy because my daddy makes this funny twitch with his eye when the “Cow and the Triangle” song comes on!

When you’re not making videos, what do you do for fun?

I appreciate the classics like blowouts on the beach, drooling while admiring a sunset, and making sure my daddy wakes up really early, especially on his days off.

What’s your favorite snack after “samurai training”?

After throwing the chopsticks around, my favorite snacky snack is Happy Tot pouches, especially with extra prunes. We don’t have any more prune foods for some reason …


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How did your dog get the nickname, “Wild Boar”?

Daddy says because he’s like Pumba from “Lion King.” Every time he runs, the house shakes! And Wild Boar always likes to eat, like me. Every time I have a snack, he’s around me.

Wish for the New Year …

I heard about this crazy thing called Coronavirus, I wish it would go away. Mommy and daddy promised me a trip to Disney. My favorite song is the “Hot Dog” song. Daddy gets the same twitch in his eye when he hears the song over and over.

What’s your favorite children’s charity?

St. Jude is our family favorite. We are so blessed to be able to regularly give toys and whatever we can to them. They are such a sOda blessing and deserve all the love in the world. Take my wish back. We will put Coronavirus in time out. My wish is that every child at St. Jude recovers fully and leads sOda happy life.

For Baby Mavis fun, follow her on TikTok.

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