Say ‘Hey, Jude’ to This One-of-a-Kind Trendsetting Toddler

Fashion Baby Jude Steck on what it's like being a little bro, where to shop and advice for kids on vacay

By OTS Staff

With two parents in show biz, SPI Entertainment Producer Adam Steck and CEO of Girls Night Out Bri Steck, it’s no surprise that Jude Steck is a fashion icon in the making.

This trendsetting 2 1/2 year old’s cool clothes and heartwarming smile will never go out of style. Off The Strip talks with Jude about what it’s like being a little bro, where to shop and advice for kids on vacay in Las Vegas.

Name: Jude Steck

Age: 2 1/2

Future Occupation: Maybe I’ll follow in daddy’s footsteps and be a show producer.

How do you describe your style? Rocker cool.

What is your favorite outfit? 

I love all of my rock ‘n’ roll shirts by Rowdy Sprout with skinny jeans.

When’s the right time for babies to join TikTok or Insta? Have you jumped in the game? 

I just got a private Instagram, but it’s only for people we know IRL.

What’s the best toy you own and why? 

For sure, my kids-size Dyson Vacuum.  I think vacuuming is so much fun. Especially if I get to do it with the professionals.

Best part about being a little bro? 

My sissy will make sure I’m always taken care of.

We hear your sister Sloan is a diva (she was also a Fashion Baby back in the day) … true or false, and how do you cope? 

True! I’m pretty chill, so I let her have the spotlight.

Home school or nah? 

Nah, I need to be with the people.

Vegas Golden Knights or Las Vegas Raiders? 

VGK, I even have my own jersey, and I’ve been to a few games.

What do you do for fun? 

I love the park. I’ll go down the biggest and steepest slide there is.

Top advice to other babies out there who might be planning a trip to Las Vegas? 

Bring a stroller. The Strip is an optical illusion, and it’s a lot of walking. Also, check out The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. I love seeing all the sea creatures.

What’s a snack you cannot put down? Is a doughnut considered a snack? 

I have one every Saturday. Somehow, I know when it’s Saturday because I wake up asking for my doughnut.

Where do you shop? 

My two favorite shops are Zara and Rowdy Sprout.

Who’s your favorite? Mom or Dad? 

Depends on who gave me the doughnut. I’m an equal opportunist.

We know Mom loves reality TV and Dad loves music … how are they influencing you? 

We listen to all genres of music in our house. Everything from John Mayer and Neil Young to Raining Tacos, BTS and “Lollipop” (currently my favorite song). I think when Mommy plans our birthday parties, she thinks she’s on a reality show. Did you see “Judechella”? LOL!

What’s your favorite children’s charity? 

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. We donate in memory of Michael Manteris (Mommy’s best friend’s baby boy who passed away from childhood leukemia).

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