Tap Into Your Kynetk Energy With These Fitness Mavens

Kynetk finds new ways to keep #fitnessgoals lit

By Judy Stone

Just call them the Las Vegas Spice Girls of fitness, the women behind Kynetk won’t mind. In fact, their combined personal training sessions will always have a carefully curated playlist and an energy on par with Ginger Spice, but, most importantly, they will create a personalized plan for you to meet your fitness goals.

Kris Blunt, Jenny Boone-Wells, Leanna Gaxiola, Lacy Schorr and Vanessa Yerushalmi all taught at TruFusion Summerlin until last March when the studio went into lockdown due to COVID-19. The women all turned to the internet, whether it be Instagram or Zoom, to keep their training going.

Photo courtesy of Kynetk

“We all inevitably ended up starting private fitness practices,” Schorr says. “Vanessa and I in particular noticed while teaching a half hour of fitness followed by a half hour of yoga that people really enjoyed the mixed format. We all joined forces one day in Jenny’s backyard for a live class on Instagram, and the response was so positive we thought maybe this could be an actual thing.”

And Kynetk was born. Here the girls explain what makes their program unique and offer tips to get you started on your fitness journey.

What is everyone’s specialty?

LeAnne: Jenny teaches Pilates and kettlebells and is currently training in yoga. Vanessa is our “Yoga Boss Babe” specializing in yoga, Vinyasa, Yin and also kid’s yoga. Lacy has an extensive following from her “Down and Dirty” classes at TruFusion where she uses her wit to keep you fit along with Pilates and boot camp. Kris is our “Sensei.” She specializes in meditation along with yoga and Yin. I teach a mix of everything along with TRX, boxing and Ju Jitsu.

“We are a collective of powerful women inviting you to breathe, strengthen and stretch so that it may alter you.”

Kris Blunt, “the Sensei”

Explain Kynetk? 

Kris: Kynetk—typically spelled “kinetic”—is the energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. You’ll also find the root word “kin” meaning one’s family and relations. Our tag is “Go Together, Grow Together” because we realize there is something to be said for collective energy, which can provide the extra push, keep you accountable and, of course, lead you to have more fun. We are a collective of powerful women inviting you to breathe, strengthen and stretch so that it may alter you.

What do you like about being a personal trainer?

Jenny: The connection. Connection is not easy for everyone, so I know I might have to step outside my own personal comfort zone to create a degree of connectivity between an individual or group and myself. But let me tell you, when I do, that’s when the magic happens. Something that sparks a student’s desire to drop in and connect could be something as simple as a word, an action, music, eye contact, a smile, a greeting. I find that a smile is a good place to start.

What is your approach in creating a workout plan for a new client?

Lacy: First, I ask them their fitness goals to make sure they’re within reason. Then, I ask what their fitness journey has been thus far to determine how much I’ll have to work on just form in the beginning. Then, we determine their time commitment and a game plan. Some people just want to lose weight. Some people want to build certain muscle groups. A 45-year-old male doctor is going to have way different goals than a 35-year-old stay-at-home mother. It’s important to remove yourself and your ego from the equation and always remember your original game plan. 

How do you motivate someone into trying yoga?

Vanessa: I think the best way to motivate someone is by doing a private session. So many people steer away from yoga due to embarrassment. They don’t feel flexible enough. But there is so much more to yoga than just touching your toes, and you can learn that during a one-on-one session. Yoga can change people from the inside out. I love these sessions because I get to modify the practice to what the individual truly needs and wants to accomplish. Once they walk away feeling better inside, they find their own motivation to continue. 

Can you give us some easy exercises that we can try at home?

Lacy: Holding a plank is one of the best things you can do without equipment. It’s great for your core and shoulders. A perfect plank takes focus and precision! Of course, I recommend squatting if you engage your core and keep your chest up and shoulders back. And mountain climbers for a little cardio!

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