The Luxor Says it’s a Girl!

Las Vegas hotel hosts first-ever gender reveal party

Back in October, a Las Vegas couple, Jeff and Melissa Tomastik made history by lighting up the entire Luxor hotel for their gender reveal. The outcome? The Luxor said they’re having a girl. What started off as a crazy idea turned into a gender reveal sensation. Jeff, with a desire to bring something exciting to the city , and to their pregnancy pitched the idea to VP national marketing of Luxor and Mandalay Bay, Taylor Gwiazdon, making their pink and blue filled night happen—this was the first time Luxor ever lit its lights for a gender reveal.

“If you have a great idea, shoot for it anyways even if people think you’re crazy for doing it.”

Jeff Tomastik

A Blue and Pink Night

As nightfall approached, the couple’s gender reveal held inside the Skyfall Lounge at the Delano Hotel, became the first of its kind. That evening, their friends and family streamed in as blue and pink lights lit up the Las Vegas sky.

The Countdown

At the lounge, their friends and family overlooked the Luxor hotel which lit pink and blue until their grand countdown. Near 8 o’clock, the couple counted down from ten, as if the clock was seconds away from hitting midnight on New Year’s Eve. They pulled a lever on stacked gold and white dice that spelled B-A-B-Y and-BOOM-pink lights and confetti emerged. The Tomastiks were officially having a baby girl.

“We wanted to bring another cool and exciting thing to Las Vegas after such a strenuous year.”

Jeff Tomastik

Their Reveal Reached Over 80,000 views on TikTok


We missed the Vegas excitement so we lit up the entire Luxor Hotel for our Gender Reveal!! Best night of 2020! #GenderReveal #Vegas

♬ original sound – Jeff Tomastik

Fun Facts

Jeff, originally from Virginia, is a co-founder of Ambros Whiskey and the co-host of The Residency Podcast. Melissa, initially from San Diego, is a real estate agent. They each have lived here for ten years and consider the city of lights-their forever home.

Together for 8 years, Melissa and Jeff met while working together at the Bank Nightclub in Bellagio and became friends. Their friendship later blossomed into more in October 2017. They made it official at the US Grant Hotel in San Diego. And, well, the rest is history, baby.

The gender reveal landed on October 24, 2020 which the couple considered as the perfect 3 year wedding anniversary to each other.

The Tomastiks’ baby girl is due at the end of March 2021.

Watch the full gender reveal below on YouTube

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