Brooks Koepka Hammers Bryson DeChambeau in “The Match”

"The Match" featuring rivals Brooks Koepka vs Bryson DeChambeau took place at Wynn Las Vegas

Golf fans. Get your putters out! On November 26, 2021, PGA rivals Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau participated in the fifth annual charity event, “The Match”.

One of the most intimidating rivalries on the PGA tour, played in a 12-hole tournament. It was held at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Koepka won every hole. DeChambeau gave up after the 9th.

Broadcasting Team

To open up the event, Commentators Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley were there to cheer on the two golfers.

Mickelson was a former competitor in, “The Match,” Mickelson vs Tiger Woods on November 23, 2018.

He also participated in, “The Match 3,” on November 27, 2020, along with Barkley. They defeated celebrity partners, Peyton Manning and Stephen Curry.

On July 6, 2021, Mickelson competed for his final time in, “The Match 4,” along with Tom Brady, but this time were defeated by DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers.


It all started back in 2004, when Ryder Cup captain Hal Sutton decided to make haste by pairing Phil Mickelson along with Tiger Woods. At the time, they did not like each other and were bitter rivals. As a result, the paired up enemies came out of the tournament with nothing gained.

Fast forward to 2021. The same publicity stunt gone wrong has now seemed to hang over between Koepka and DeChambeau. Prior to this week’s nationally televised exhibition, both told the media not to expect them to pair up to play at Whistling Straits.

Koepka made things even worse by saying that he would not hang out at night or high five each other after each win.

Koepka and DeChambeau hug it out as teammates for the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup

In an attempt to put asides their differences as teammates for the Ryder Cup, both golfers agreed to behave. Captain Steve Stricker set up some ground rules to make sure the two would exercise sportsman like conduct during the tournament.

While we expected some insubordination and disrespect from Koepka and DeChambeau, the two actually were respectful. They clapped for everybody when they made key putts. After The Match, the two showed friendliness in a bro-hug after team America defeated team Europe.

The Match Play

DeChambeau thought he would start off the match by handing out some tasty pastries:

With bragging rights, Koepka entered the match with a 4-1 advantage in major victories. The four-time major champion rolled over DeChambeau winning 5 holes to 3. DeChambeau needed to make a birdie putt to stay alive, but missed it and conceded to Koepka.

Bryson DeChambeau Concedes Defeat

DeChambeau failed to win a single hole. He only putted at most a par on every one. Koepka made five birdies to claim five holes, which earned him a +4 victory. DeChambeau could have kept going to make it to the 12th hole, but was too far behind to catch up.

The Event Recap

While the match featured two PGA tour rivals and funny trolls for twitter memes, Koepka and DeChambeau showed civility and class. They knew this match was competitive but also for charity.

DeChambeau conceded with class despite losing big and not playing all 12 holes. Koepka responded well as the two shook hands and congratulated each other in a moment of unity and competition.

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