Can Las Vegas See a Major League Baseball Team in its Future?

Las Vegas Ballpark (Home of the Las Vegas Aviators Triple A Baseball Club - Oakland A's affiliate)

Attention Las Vegas Sports fans. Rumors have been swirling around that Las Vegas may be adding a Major League Baseball Club to its list of professional sports team in (The Sin City). And get this, it’s another team originally from Oakland. Could it be true?

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021, elected politicians in the San Francisco Bay area voted to build a new ball park for the Oakland A’s.

In a 4-1 vote this past Tuesday, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors unanimously decided to figure out a way to prevent the A’s from coming to Las Vegas. It was to assist in the funds for a new, $1 billion ball park in Oakland which would seat 35,000 people. This is going to be called the Howard Terminal Project.


The Oakland Athletics current home stadium (RingCentral Coliseum) first welcomed A’s fans back in 1966 and fans have seen many great memories in the ball park. Throughout the years however, it has been known as a very sloppy stadium, with the one fun part of the stadium being the cheering section known as the, “Black Hole”.

The “Black Hole” was started by Ron Rivera and some of his friends. He sat with the same people watching the games and enjoying lots of beer. Every week more and more fans would show up and soon sections 104-107 were joined by thousands around the stadium. As the Black Hole became more famous around the sports community, they became very good at being very vocal, intimidating and and enjoying themselves.


What is considered to be a major problem with the park is that there are not a lot of suites with corporate sponsors. With the potential of either building a world class ball park in Oakland or in Vegas, however, less regular seats could be added. The positive side though is there would be the possibility of adding more suites with corporate sponsors as that’s how team owners tend to make the most money nowadays.

It would also cement tax revenues for the A’s to help pay for cost effective housing projects and other key roles to the city.

The Oakland Coliseum (2014) known today as Ring Central Coliseum

Oakland fans are wondering why Mayor Libby Schaff supports the decision to build “a world-class waterfront ball park” in place of a historic Coliseum that had been around for 55 years. Well first and foremost, the plan would add more tax-dollars to support the city and help the A’s subsidize for affordable housing and for vital pieces of infrastructure that could help fans get to the ball park faster, with more open lane roads.

Keep an eye out for The Aviators, the Las Vegas minor league baseball team, and their opponents for future schedules.

Schaff tweeted late Tuesday, that by voting to continue the process of the Howard Terminal Project, it’s provided, “a clear path to keep the A’s in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

WHY Oakland and Vegas Fans Don’t See Eye-Eye with the Project

While the A’s have been struggling for about 15 years, the fans of the club have been so loyal to a team that plays in a smaller market like Oakland. Vegas fans however, are gloating about the possibility of ripping Oakland fan’s hearts out by relocating the team to a bigger market in a city where the nightlife is wild. The culture war of the fan’s are still on, and it involves having a ball park still known as a “Coliseum”.

No Vegas fans, this is not the Roman Coliseum and baseball players are athletes, not gladiators. Plus, this is not life or death as it is just sports. Everybody, get your popcorn ready!

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