3 Fun Facts About the Vegas Golden Knights Pregame Production

Behind the Scenes of the Vegas Golden Knights Pregame Production Studio

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) pregame production?

In their five-year existence, the Golden Knights have had many up and downs, but the producers know how to fire up a crowd before the opening face-off. Pre-game festivities have been a big part of major sporting events in North America, and have been used as another form of entertainment. These are the five things to know behind the scenes of a VGK Pregame Production.

1. What vGK Pregame Entails

When Golden Knights fans walk into T-Mobile Arena early to take their seats, they will likely see a Zamboni resurface all lengths of the ice.

Players come out to a loud cheer of the crowd for their pregame skate. Players will head back into the locker room while the lights dim inside T-Mobile Arena.

Fans cheer loudly after visiting team comes onto the ice. The Golden Knights come out to a rowdy crowd waving artificial lights in the stands.

2. People Behind The Scenes

With noisy crowds and anticipation of the players entering the arena, there are certain people behind the scenes who make sure that what they produce is entertaining and safe for everyone to watch.

What most fans don’t know is that there is a production booth behind the doors of T-Mobile arena. It is a room full of mini screens and audio equipment used to create the game.

The VGK production crew creates the pregame show. The term crew might seem like it’s done by only one or two people, but the term is singular-plural which means the crew is one team.

It consists of multiple employees who all play each of their roles to create the spectacular VGK pre-game show that you’ve seen since the inaugural season in 2017-2018.

Golden Knights VP of Entertainment and Experience and Production, Tyler Cofer told FOX 5 News, “People get caught up in thinking it’s one person and it’s not. There is a huge team behind it, there’s a lot of people that have been here since day one and still here, still passionate about what we’re doing.”

First pregame ceremony for VGK in year 5 vs Seattle Kraken

3. VGK Fans’ Reactions

When the Golden Knights defeated the Seattle Kraken on national tv, it marked the fifth-year that the current format of the pregame show would resume. Fans were happy the Golden Knights won to start out their fifth season. They were even more satisfied about the production prior to faceoff.

According to Vince Sapienza of FOX 5 News, Golden Knights fan Heather Alvarez said that celebrating the pregame win or lose is like going to a playoff game at home for the entire season.

As a Vegas fan, she should be very lucky that the pregame shows she sees now, gives her that hope of the team winning it’s first Stanley cup in year number five.

“I’m definitely getting my money’s worth,” she said. “We joke that they celebrate pregame, during the game, like it’s the playoffs every time. It’s so impressive…”


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