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The Knights Unveil Chrome Helmets—and Twitter Loses It

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The Golden Knights continue to make some serious fashion statements

By Raymond Harrison | @MondoHarrison

The Vegas Golden Knights are not afraid to include a little showmanship in their on-ice performance. Playing in a city synonymous with glitz, glam and gaudiness rubs off on you eventually, after all.

During Thursday’s game against the Anaheim Ducks, the Knights unveiled some seriously chromed-out gold helmets.

Safe to say, Twitter had a field day with these new buckets once people took notice.

The helmets themselves seemed to divide most of the hockey world. Some felt they were abhorrent monstrosities that should never see the ice again.

Some thought they were an awesome risk to take.

Above all else, I thought they were totally Vegas.

Here are some more of the best social media reactions from the night.

A Plethora of Golden Tweets

So, what do you think about these new helmets? Let us know @OffTheStrip.

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