The OffTheStrip WYD Guide to Las Vegas – “Vegas Unstripped” Edition


A Note From The Creators:

❝Wolfgang Puck wanted a decent place to eat after watching the fights. That, so the story goes, was the spark that lit the Las Vegas food revolution. And then the casinos saw a great hook to attract high-flying gamblers, luring a parade of celebrated legends. 

At some point in the last 25 years it seems like Las Vegas got nearly any chef it wanted (gosh, even Giada and Fieri!). But all those chefs, of course, had to import or train armies to execute at a high level, and so a “school” of Las Vegas, in a very real sense, was born. Eventually, when many of these people hit the ceiling or got bored or just bristled at corporate life, they saw the opportunities off the Strip and decided to—as we always say here—“roll the dice.”

After all, didn’t every one of these visiting Star Chefs just clamor to go to Lotus of Siam? (They did, and still do–check the walls.)

Many of them took the refined techniques and top ingredient knowledge they’d gained and planted seeds throughout our valley. Unlike older cities, the lack of many distinctive neighborhoods has made it more difficult for both locals and visitors to see what we have.

Hence why “Vegas Unstripped” got started: To highlight our city’s most passionate chefs, and to encourage them to keep pushing forward. One night of course can’t tell a whole story, so this little book is a takeaway full of undeniable gems throughout the city. Bring it on your adventures, pick your favorites, find others, create your own! 

You too, are an important part of the story—and if you took the time to read this long intro, hopefully you were munching something delicious while doing it.❞

Eric | Feast Of Friends

❝There is more to Las Vegas than meets the eye. Yes, the mega resorts, A-lister residencies and booming nightclubs dominate the headlines, but there are so many other layers to explore. This little booklet made with love is your go-to WYD [what (are) you doing?] guide to all the best things in Las Vegas, full of our favorite recommendations for food, drink and fun. ❤️❤️❤️❞

Melinda | Editor & Jenna | Founder & CEO |


Whether you are in need of a morning pick-me-up or a midday boost, all great cities are judged by the quality of their coffee—and Las Vegas is no exception. Beans have been booming here for the last decade and these are a few of our favorite spots for all things caffeinated.

Mothership Coffee Roasters

1028 E. Fremont St. 
2708 N. Green Valley Pkwy.
2625 St. Rose Pkwy.

Coffee and Community ☕️ Roasting in📍Las Vegas since 2012

Why We ❤️ It: The menu is simple and unfussy, focusing on espresso, coffee, lattes and teas. And since presentation is everything, nothing beats their well-crafted iced latte in a fancy goblet.

Vesta Coffee Roasters

1114 S. Casino Center Blvd. Suite 1
9031 W. Sahara Ave.

Coffee Roaster, Wholesaler & Retailer

Why We ❤️ It: When Vesta showed up Downtown, we knew Las Vegas had finally gained its third-wave coffee stripes. Seasonal drinks like the Candy Flip latte are fun and the avocado toast is simple and perfect.

Bungalow Coffee Co

201 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite 180

New Specialty Coffee Shop in DTLV Arts District

Why We ❤️ It: Built around the concept of community, Bungalow management actually likes it when you pop open your laptop and stay awhile. The Rosemary latte is life changing.

Gäbi Cafe

5808 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 104

🗝 Elegant, Intimate & Sophisticated, 📚 Vintage Coffee House & Fresh Bakery, 🇰🇷 Circa 1907-1910 Korea

Why We ❤️ It: Unlike most coffeehouses, Gäbi is open late—10 p.m. to be exact, which makes it a great spot to hit after dinner instead of a bar. Try the Mango Tango Frappe🥭💃, Milk Tea 🫖 and Blue Cloud Cream☁️. Don’t miss the fancy cakes, which have spun off into their own business, and you haven’t lived until you’ve had a Fat Caron.

Aspire Coffee House

10111 W. Skye Canyon Park Dr.

Aspire to be better because life is too short for sh**ty coffee ☕️ House-made organic syrups 🌱 No refined sugar 🌿 Keto, gluten free & vegan options 🌾

Why We ❤️ It: This woman-owned coffee biz started out on wheels and has now transitioned into a brick and mortar location. One of the only places in town to find superfood coffees and lattes.

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From buffets to cafes and everything in between, Las Vegas can brunch with the best of them. Fuel up for the day—just don’t forget the bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys.

The Stove

11261 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 200

Locally Owned & Operated, Delicious Food, Chef Interaction, Friends, Memorable Experiences!

Why We ❤️ It: Bad & Boujee Foie Gras for breakfast selections, Suckling Pig and Crabby Patty benedicts and vegan day starters Chilaquiles, Veggie Hash and The Benedict Arnold.

Main Street Provisions

1214 S. Main St.

A New American restaurant located in the Las Vegas Arts District. “A Reimagined Twist on American Comfort Food”

Why We ❤️ It: Not your average brunch, every bite is an adventure—Spanish Omelette, Shrimp & Rice Grits, and the ever-evolving and ever-changing Benedict.

Served Global Dining

1450 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy.

▪️Chef Matthew Meyer▪️Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised, Organic▪️Scratch-Kitchen ▪️Globally inspired dishes

Why We ❤️ It: Benedicts galore! Wellington, King Crab, Portobello Mushroom, Seoul–Short Rib; plus a tour of global breakfast tastes Matzoh Brie, Pupusas, and Green Eggs and Spam.

DW Bistro

9275 W. Russell Rd, Suite 190

Jamaican + New Mexican Cuisine 

Why We ❤️ It: A leader of the Las Vegas brunch revolution— put Green Chile on all of the things from burgers to mac n cheese and then add jerk spices on wings and couscous.

Esther’s Kitchen

1130 S. Casino Center Blvd. Suite 110

Seasonal Italian Soul Food in the Las Vegas Arts District. 

Why We ❤️ It: Four little words: Chittara Cacio E Pepe

Makers & Finders

2120 Festival Plaza Dr Unit 140

1120 S Main St Suite 110

📍Arts District📍Downtown Summerlin 📍Area15

Why We ❤️ It: Founded on the principles of coffee, Latin Food and culture, their empanadas and arepas are unforgettable, and you haven’t really lived until you’ve sipped their lavender latte. Game changer.

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Lunch & Snacks

We believe in the modern approach to dining—great meals aren’t just reserved for after 5 p.m. Crush midday cravings with a hearty lunch and indulge with a snack attack versus committing to a full meal.

Johnny C’s Diner

8175 Arville St.

🄵🄸🄽🄴🅁 🄳🄸🄽🄴🅁 by @chefjohnnychurch

A fresh take on diner classics with focus on the best ingredients and cooking techniques.

Why We ❤️ It: Mel’s Mac n Cheese and Secret Seasoned Pressed Burgers are the best savory snacks during your lunch break, but be sure to save room for their yummy Donut Holes.

Meraki Greek Grill

4950 S. Rainbow Blvd.. Suite 160

8975 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 140

Authentic Greek food with a modern twist.

Why We ❤️ It: There’s no such thing as too much Tzatziki sauce for your Gyro Merάki with Saganaki on the side. Don’t forget to try their decadent sweets!

Soulbelly BBQ

1327 S. Main St.

Barbecue Restaurant. Smoking happiness one brisket at a time! 

Live music 🎸& bar specials 🍺

Why We ❤️ It: Start the day right with Disco Fries, BBQ Spiced Cottage Fries and a mouthwatering Texas Brisket. But no visit to Soulbelly is complete without the Banana Pudding.

Graffiti BAO

7355 S. Buffalo Dr. Suite 1

By @chefmarcmarrone 

Why We ❤️ It: You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their Szechuan Beef, Prawn and Pork Spring Rolls with a side of their Crispy Chili Garlic Noodles.

Ada’s Wine Bar

410 S. Rampart Blvd. Suite 120

Wine wine wine! Mediterranean small plates & more. Now pouring in Tivoli Village, LV. 

Why We ❤️ It: Nothing is better than the perfect bite like the Red Beet Hummus, Octopus Patatas Bravas and Braised Oxtail Jam.

Milpa LV Molino + Cafe

4226 S. Durango Dr.

Mexican Cafe, Molino, Breakfast & Lunch by Chef @dnflores7

Why We ❤️ It: The Milpa Grain Bowl, Cauliflower Tinga and Birria Chilaquiles deliver dynamite flavor bombs every time.

Valley Cheese & Wine

1570 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Suite 140

Cheese Shop. Vegas’ premier cheese and wine shop, family-owned and led by @wonderwomanofcheese and a friendly team of experts!🧀🍷

Why We ❤️ It: Bring out your pals to try the happy hour board and bottle, cheese & charcuterie spread, which is a fun sharable to indulge in with great company.

Madero Street Tacos

616 E. Carson Ave. Suite 140

🌮 Authentic Street Tacos 👉 Sister concept @elgallobreakfastburritos

Why We ❤️ It: Every day is Taco Tuesday when you order the Fried Avo Tacos, Quesabirria Taco Platter and Street Steak at this local hot spot.


The Quality American Wiener. 🌭🇺🇸

Plump and juicy all-beef hot dogs and pork & beef water dogs with a snap that takes you back.

Why We ❤️ It: Enjoy a blast from the past and chomp on 7.5-inch all-beef hot dogs, an all-American classic, designed by Chef Ralph to pay homage to his favorite childhood snack from New York City’s kosher delis.

Cured & Whey

6265 S. Valley View Blvd. Suite K

Cheese Shop. Las Vegas specialty market serving handcrafted sandwiches, fresh deli meats.

Why We ❤️ It: Order the Melon & Prosciutto Platter, Truffle Honey Grilled Cheese and Duck Reuben for a deli-cious dish.

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The pizza scene in Las Vegas is epic—there is something for everyone. Whether you are in search of an artisan pie with gourmet ingredients or a classic Detroit Grandma made with a crispy cheesy crust, every dough-boy and girl will find a more than suitable slice.

Metro Pizza

1395 E. Tropicana Ave., 4001 S. Decatur Blvd., 6720 Sky Pointe Dr., 1420 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy., 4178 Koval Ln.

Las Vegas’ neighborhood PIZZERIA since 1980

Why We ❤️ It: The Garlic Romano Fries and Meatball Sliders are tasty appetizers, but no place in town serves a Stromboli quite like this popular pizzeria.

Pop Up Pizza

1 N. Main St.

🍕Pizzeria ft. best vegan and artisan pizzas in Las Vegas.🍕 #PopUpPizzaLV

Why We ❤️ It: This pizza joint offers a variety of toppings from the classic Old School Cheese to the spicy Mike’s Hot Pepperoni and even a tasty take on a meatless munchy, The Vegan.

Good Pie

1212 S. Main St.

Best 🍕 in Nevada 2021 @foodandwine 🏆 @barstoolpizzareviews 7.9 🇺🇸Top 25 🍕in USA @thrillist 🏡👵🏼 Grandma 🍕 🌏 🥈GLUTEN Free 🍕

Why We ❤️ It: The Fried Ravioli, Vegan Garlic Knots and Grandma Cheese put the “Good” in Good Pie.

Signora Pizza

750 S. Rampart Blvd. Suite 7

👩🏻‍🍳Floriana Pastore Pizza Place 🏆World Pizza Champion 🇮🇹Simple Italian Pleasures 🍕and more 🔥Wood Fired Oven

Why We ❤️ It: There’s nothing more scrumptious than Fried Pizza or Wallet Pizza, but the Nutella Angioletti is every sweet treat lover’s dream come true.

Pizza Rock Las Vegas

201 N. 3rd St.

Green Valley Ranch Resort

Why We ❤️ It: As far as appetizers go, the Rosemary Garlic Italian Fries, Fried Green Beans and Beer Battered Artichokes are so good they will “Rock” your world.

Evel Pie

508 E. Fremont St. 

Pizza joint with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe & Evel Knievel memorabilia offering slices, whole pies & beer.

Why We ❤️ It: The menu items may have punny names like Viva Las Vegan Pie, Garlic Deez Knots and Led Zeppole, but their food is seriously sensational. 

Monzu Italian Oven + Bar

6020 W Flamingo Rd #10

An all-natural and authentic Italian kitchen and craft cocktail bar prepared by Chef Giovanni Mauro

Why We ❤️ It: Along with a cute and cozy atmosphere, you must try their Stuffed Lemon Leaf, Burrata Bruschetta and Gnocchi when you wine and dine at this adorable neighborhood bar.

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 Sweets & Treats

It’s hard to save room for dessert when you’re living the lavish Vegas lifestyle, but these places are worth it! Satisfy that sweet tooth with these delish dessert choices.

Cafe Breizh

3555 S Fort Apache Rd Suite 141

Coffee, fresh-baked danishes, pastries, French-inspired sandwiches and other savory fare just minutes away from Downtown Summerlin.

Why We ❤️ It: Start or end your day on a high note by eating a Lorraine Quiche and Croque Monsieur with a Baguette.

Saint Honoré

9460 W Flamingo Rd

Award winning couture doughnut & beignet patisserie. Home of @ilovepizzaanonymous 🍕

Why We ❤️ It: For something sweet, dig into sugary baked goodies like Saint Honoré Original Beignet, Doughnut Boxes and Croissant Doughnut.

Wicked Donuts

9490 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

Gourmet Donuts & Barista Coffee… Wicked Never Tasted So Good! 725-204-8615

Why We ❤️ It: Bored of the typical glazed donuts and maple bar? Then, you will love the sinfully delicious Mojito Mint and Lime Raised Donut, She Devil Red Velvet Cake Donut and Blue Suede Banana PB & Banana Filling Donut.

Keris Sweets

Custom cakes, presentation boxes, cake pops to order. We create desserts for leading Las Vegas restaurants.

Why We ❤️ It: Go for the Tiramisu at Al Solito Posto, the Meyer lemon poppy seed scones at The Coffee Bean, and Volcano cakes at Golden Tiki and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Paradise City Creamery

197 E California Ave #140

Celebrating Indulgence

🌱100% Plant based & Gluten free

Why We ❤️ It: Homemade treats such as ice cream cones and cookies are crafted with care and made with organic ingredients such as agave nectar or organic cane sugar to avoid those pesky sugar crashes. Plus their blend of oat and raw cashew milk produces sweet silky notes in every lick.

Queen of Hearts Vegas

2895 N Green Valley Pkwy Suite D

Chef Sweetser’s Chocolate & Sugar Art Studio specializing in Tea Parties and Retail Confections

Why We ❤️ It: From the white rabbit cream puff to the miniature meringues, there are plenty of confectionery snacks to nibble, but also consider their tasty crisp english cucumber on herbed cheese with dark rye when you are ready to switch it up.

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Fine Dining

The Vegas food scene is just as extravagant and glamorous as the rest of the city. If upscale dining is your calling, a bounty of international cuisine and Michelin-Star chefs offer some of the most memorable culinary experiences in North America.

Sparrow & Wolf

4480 Spring Mountain Rd Suite 100

Neighborhood Cookery + Libations

Why We ❤️ It: Before heading to a show, get delectable bites with friends like the Oyster Duo, Spreadables and Jasmine’s Sourdough Good Butter & Sea Salt.


Located in Circa 

Official Steakhouse of the Vegas Golden Knights

📍 Downtown Las Vegas @circalasvegas

Why We ❤️ It: Seafood lovers won’t be able to resist the Chilled Shellfish Platter, but if you prefer something meatier, you’ll love the Steak Tartare and juicy Colorado Lamb Chops.


Located in Wynn 

The Roaring ‘20s Are Back 🌺

Why We ❤️ It: Travel back in time when you visit this 1920s jewel and feast on their New England Crab Cake, Chilled Lobster Salad and go all-in with a 10 oz. Wagyu New York Manhattan Cut.

Al Solito Posto

420 S Rampart Blvd #180

Open for Dinner & Late Night Bar Daily in Tivoli Village Refined Italian classics, steaks and cocktails. 

Why We ❤️ It: For a late night snack, head over to Al Solito Posto for their Grilled Octopus, Nonna’s Meatballs and Rigatoni Alla Vodka.

EDO Tapas

3400 South Jones Boulevard Suite #11A

Modern Spanish – Catalan Cuisine

🥘 🇪🇸, wine 🍷, & cocktails 🥃🍸

Why We ❤️ It: For something not too heavy, not too light, tapas like the Peruvian Baby Scallops, Green Tartare and Spanish Risotto will satisfy your palate.

La Strega

3555 S Town Center Dr #105

Chef Gina Marinelli’s bewitching neighborhood trattoria featuring Coastal Italian Farm-to-table

Why We ❤️ It: Enjoy fresh fare with unique flavor profiles such as the Spicy Pig, Bucatini and Speck & Asian Pears, when you hit up this local gem. 

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There’s always a time and place for a tequila shot, but these cocktails bars have got you covered when you’re in the mood for a more luxurious libation. These establishments are ideal for after-dinner drinks or unwinding after a busy day.

Sand Dollar

3355 Spring Mountain Rd

🎸Live Music & Cocktails Since 1976 🥃 Home of The Blues in Las Vegas. 🍕

Why We ❤️ It: Sip on the Doomsday machine, Peter Peter and Me & Bobbie McGee to send your taste buds on a delightful vacation.

Herbs & Rye

3713 W Sahara Ave

Classic American & Italian fare plus handcrafted cocktails served in a dim, moody restaurant & lounge.

Why We ❤️ It: Wind down after a long week with some fresh cocktails in a rustic setting with chill vibes and an artsy ambiance. 

Golden Tiki

3939 Spring Mountain Rd

Welcome Explorers! Find us in Fabulous Las Vegas. Entry 21+

Why We ❤️ It: When you step into this quirky, fun bar, try the Painkiller, Lime in the Coconut and Piranha Punch to experience something wild and exciting.

Garagiste Wine Room

197 E California Ave Suite 140

Guests are invited to enjoy, discuss and immerse themselves in the world of wine as seen through the eyes of professional Sommeliers.

Why We ❤️ It: Wine connoisseurs will love the variety of classic to lavish bottles offered at this unique wine room.

The Silver Stamp

222 E Imperial Ave

We’re open seven days a week. Come have a beer with us.

Why We ❤️ It: For those who love bar hopping downtown, this tavern serves the best frothy beers in a venue full of character and charm. 

Velveteen Rabbit

1218 S Main St

Magical craft cocktail bar in the Las Vegas Downtown Arts District 🌸 est. 2013🏹

Why We ❤️ It: Cheers! Drink up a good ol’ Fig Mule, Unpleasant Dreams and chase it down with a Hibiscus Paloma. 


1121 S Main St 

Craftiest Cocktails & Jerk.

Why We ❤️ It: After a long day on the job, there’s nothing better than having a sip at this easygoing hot spot serving an array of delish libations from frozen bevies to smooth cocktails. 

Beer Zombies

6261 Dean Martin Dr

Small draft room & bottle shop located in the SW part of Las Vegas.

Why We ❤️ It: Thirsty? Order a Fog Zombie for one hand and an Evil Haze for the other, but save the best for last with a playful sip like The Hoppy Horror Picture Show.

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Outdoor Activities

Las Vegas isn’t all clubs, casinos and concerts. The surrounding area is full of geographical marvels and other nature-focused necessities. Check out these activities when you need to grab some fresh air (or burn off a few guilty calories).

Red Rock Canyon

1000 Scenic Loop Dr.

Why We ❤️ It: The beautiful landscape of Red Rock Canyon is a relaxing change of pace from the Strip. You can choose to tackle one of several hiking trails, ride a horse, or simply enjoy a scenic drive through the loop.

Lion Habitat Ranch

382 Bruner Ave.

Why We ❤️ It: See the majestic savannah cats up close and personal, either on your own or with a knowledgeable guided tour. Don’t forget to visit with Ozzie the giraffe, who might paint you a picture if you’re lucky.

The Neon Museum

770 N. Las Vegas Blvd.

Why We ❤️ It: This place is a mecca for Las Vegas history, with a stunning collection of iconic neon signs from years gone by. We particularly recommend the guided night tours, which let you fully bask in the fluorescent glow from previous iterations of Sin City.

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Indoor Activities

Tear up an indoor Go-Kart track, take your frustrations out with some destructive therapy, or visit one of several unique museums.

Pole Position Raceway

4175 S. Arville St.

Why We ❤️ It: Get your dose of adrenaline at the premier indoor Go-Karting experience in Las Vegas. Pole Position offers a variety of entertainment formats fit for veteran speedsters and rookie racers alike.

Twilight Zone Mini Golf

Located in Bally’s Hotel and Casino

Why We ❤️ It: Strut your putting prowess at this 18-hole, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course full of out-of-this-world artwork. Enjoy arcade games and bowling lanes, too.

Wreck Room

4090 Schiff Dr.

Why We ❤️ It: Bad day at the office? Raiders lose a heartbreaker? Just like smashing stuff? Unleash your inner frustrations in a controlled environment and break everything you see to bits.

Saw Escape Room

2121 S. Industrial Rd. Suite 101

Why We ❤️ It: Based on the SAW film franchise, this horror-themed escape room will have you feeling as though you are a part of the movies. Navigate through immersive puzzles and traps in an abandoned factory before the clock runs out.

Pinball Hall of Fame

4925 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Why We ❤️ It: A throwback to the arcade-crazed days of the 1980s. With hundreds of playable pinball machines —both vintage and new—it is easy to lose track of time during a day here with the fam.

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Venues & Shows

It wouldn’t be Las Vegas without a stellar repertoire of shows and events. From musicians and magicians, to live theater and comedians, you’ll certainly get an experience you’ve never had before.

The Smith Center

361 Symphony Park Ave.

Why We ❤️ It: The Smith Center is the preeminent performing arts venue in the city, brandishing a decorated array of Broadway, dance and musical performances.


Located in Caesars Palace

Why We ❤️ It: Adult carnival meets bathroom-stall graffiti; Absinthe is a spectacle to behold. This outrageous show blends hilarity, vaudeville and burlesque into one supremely entertaining 90-minute stint.

The Beatles LOVE

Located in The Mirage

Why We ❤️ It: A quintessential Cirque du Soleil show celebrating the musical legacy of The Beatles. An iconic soundtrack serves as the backdrop for dizzying aerial stunts and stellar choreography.

Super Summer Theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch

6375 NV-159, Blue Diamond

Why We ❤️ It: Family-friendly entertainment at a beautiful outdoor venue. Pack a picnic dinner and a blanket and enjoy some excellent local theater.

The Majestic Repertory Theater

1217 S. Main St.

Why We ❤️ It: An immersive and edgy playhouse. The intimate venue and inventive atmosphere brings audience engagement to whole new heights.

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Spring Mountain/Vegas “Chinatown”

Welcome to one of the other must-visit strips in Las Vegas! The city’s Chinatown boasts a dizzying array of authentic Asian cuisines that are sure to make your mouth water as you walk by.

Shanghai Taste

4266 W Spring Mountain Rd Suite 104 A

Shangai Taste by Chef Jimmy Li. Xiao Long Bao, Sheng Jian, and Shanghainese Cuisine. Shanghai Plaza. Chinatown Vegas. #XLB

Why We ❤️ It: For dishes loaded with rich flavors and mouth watering spices, order the Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai Duck and Sheng Jian.


5030 Spring Mountain Rd

Specialist in Charcoal Grilled Skewers
Our goal is to see your smile!

Why We ❤️ It: Adventurous tastebuds will find delight in the Steamed Foie Gras Egg Custard, Kobe Beef Liver Sashimi and Green Tea Soba Noodles served up at the special spot.

District One

3400 S Jones Blvd Suite 8

That Modern Pho’ experience that you have been looking for, look no further

Why We ❤️ It: Go for the ultimate Pho experience and slurp some Maine Lobster Pho while digging into the Oxtail Fried Rice and Garlic Serrano Wings.

New Asian BBQ

5150 Spring Mountain Rd

Why We ❤️ It: Roasted Peking Duck, BBQ Pork Buns, Mongolian Beef.

Eight Ounce

4545 Spring Mountain Road B Suite 105

Industrial-chic restaurant offering an innovative take on classic Korean BBQ, plus a full bar.

Why We ❤️ It: The mouth watering Marinated Beef Short Rib, Tofu Hot Pot and Kimchi Stew are innovative spins on Korean BBQ classics that you must give a whirl.

Sushi Kame

3616 W Spring Mountain Rd Ste 103

An intimate experience of Japanese sushi tradition crafted and hand-served by Executive Chef Eric.

Why We ❤️ It: Sushi lovers will enjoy the Lobster Sashimi, Grilled Chilean Sea Bass and A5 Wagyu Beef next time they are craving this Japanese treasure.

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Arts District & Downtown-ish

The Arts District is a cultural staple of Las Vegas and reflects the vibrant attitude people expect from the city. Head Downtown and check out these eclectic storefronts, showcasing things both vintage and new.

Main Street Antiques

1400 S. Main St.

Why We ❤️ It: Looking for antiques, collectables, retro styles, bargains and vintage fashion? This is your street.

Local Oasis

220 E. Charleston Blvd. 

Why We ❤️ It: Cute and colorful boutique in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District. Selling art and goods from local brands, adult and kids clothing, gifts and more.

Alt Rebel

409 S. Commerce St. Suite 110

Why We ❤️ It: Turning second-hand shopping into an upscale experience. Providing gently-used merchandise to the community in a refined, affordable way.

Core Contemporary

900 E. Karen Ave.

Why We ❤️ It: A unique venue for art fans looking for a diverse, approachable and sophisticated experience.

Intuitive Forager Farmer’s Market

300 N. Casino Center Blvd.

Why We ❤️ It: Hand-picked organic produce from California’s premier farms, fields and orchards.

The Good Wolf

1401 S. Commerce St.

Why We ❤️ It: Men’s & Women’s clothing. Where friendly culture, good choices and standing for a meaningful cause come together as one.

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