Five Reasons Why Everyone Should See Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

Watch an immersive show that’s fun for all ages

By Melissa Gill

The Deets

IT’S: An immersive comedy show with silent blue characters that interact with the audience throughout the show, play music on PVC pipes and unique drums, plus perform physical comedy sketches incorporating sensory experiences.

WHAT: Blue Man Group

REOPENED: June 25, 2021

WHO’S BEHIND IT: Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton

FUN FACT: During the show, the Blue Man Group plays a special Phoenix Drum, a drum set with expansive percussive wings.

LOCATION: Blue Man Theater inside Luxor Hotel and Casino

HOURS: Starting on July 1, Blue Man Group will perform Thursday through Monday at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. including an additional performance on July 3 at 2 p.m. Learn about The Blue Man Group show deals.


INSTAGRAM: Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is an Immersive Experience

Before AREA15 landed its otherworldly attraction in Las Vegas, Blue Man Group had been offering audiences an immersive experience unlike any other on the Strip for years. Blue is back and ready to pack theaters again! Without uttering a word, the artists evoke humor and playfulness through genius physical comedy acts, music, audience participation and digital art.

The call for audience participation begins before the Blue Man Group even appears on the stage. Two digital prompters scrolling in red LED lights on each side of the theater ask the audience to say things out loud and interact with one another all in good fun. The material is intended for Las Vegas audiences with references to gambling and other Vegas related cliches.

Throughout the performance, the blue performers pull patrons out of their seats and into the action several times. The spontaneity of it makes the show a unique experience at every single showing. From throwing marshmallows into the audience (while people tried to catch them in their mouths which seems almost unimaginable after COVID) to picking a random audience member to come on stage to eat dessert, the show breaks the fourth wall in an unforgettable way. This production is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at a Vegas show.

Blue Man Group is a Variety Show

If you love music, the Blue Man Group rocks out playing PVC pipes and drums, plus their wild band jams out in glow in the dark attire on stage.

If you love art, the performers create lively abstract paintings on rotating canvases right before your very own eyes. And they produce some captivating laser shows, too.

If you love comedy, the blue men’s slapstick skits, deadpan expressions and comedic chemistry is sure to crack a laugh out of everyone at some point during the show.

And audience participants’ reactions when they get involved in the show are priceless like when a camera captured a little kid in the front row looking unamused with an expressionless face and folded arms during a gut busting moment in the production.

Blue Man Group really does have a little bit of everything for everyone.

Blue Man Group is Fun For All Ages

Las Vegas is full of entertainment geared towards adults, but this show can be enjoyed by all ages without any worries of feeling awkward. Whether a family attends the show together or a couple wants to go out on a date, Blue Man Group’s style is fun, clean comedy.

There is something magical about bringing together a diverse group of people from all over the world who are all different ages to experience a Las Vegas production as a unified crowd. When I watched the show, on one side of me there was an elderly man laughing so hard his face turned fire truck red and in front of me there was a child squealing with joy wiggling beside their parents. The beauty in the show is that anyone can attend and have a great experience! It’s a very wholesome and refreshing feeling.

Blue Man Group’s Comedy is Universal

One of the most distinct characteristics of the show is that the Blue Man Group don’t speak when they perform. Without language barriers in their performance, it makes the show more inclusive to audience members from all around the globe. With the performers’ powerful use of body language, the patrons connect with the show through visual comedy. All of the nuances that can get lost in translation through telling jokes verbally are non-existent in this space. It’s a captivating way to tell stories and embrace the power of human connection. Especially after 2020, I think everyone can appreciate being part of a harmonious, upbeat crowd on some level.

Blue Man Group’s Performance Feels Personable

The small intimate setting where the show takes place blurs the line between the performers and the audience. During some point of the show, everyone catches themselves on the screen  through the cameras that are facing the audience. Whether the guests volunteer to participate or not, they are still treated as part of the show.

This aspect of Blue Man Group gives it a personable touch and has the potential to bring together locals and tourists for a memorable experience. And it really charges the patrons with an incredible high-energy that encourages laughter, smiles and an altogether sweet escape from reality. The energy of the audience when I saw the show was infectious in the best way.

When Blue Man Group begins, it is like everyone attending the show has boarded onto another planet from start to finish. It really is out of this world! With a larger theater, I don’t think everyone would feel as seen and as connected as they do in this tight-knit setting.

Take the opportunity to see The Blue Man Group when in Vegas. It lives up to the hype.

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